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Madden 18 New Details Revealed

During the Sully Tribute Tournament, Madden Creative Director Rex Dickson took your questions and leaked a few Madden 18 new details. Below you can find a some talking points covered in the video.

Madden 18 New Details

Media Releases
  • You can expect to see new gameplay between July 15th and July 20th.
  • Madden devs will be releasing rating bibles to assist players in analyzing player attributes. The blogs are expected to release in July as well.

Stats and Tweaks

  • The Catching rating dictates wide-open drop rates.
  • Player acceleration on the field is more noticeable.
  • In addition, jukes are more crispy and benefit from various stat thresholds.
Control Schemes
  • Left Trigger or L2 now works as the Target Passing modifier.
  • High/Low passes now use Left Bumper/L1 as a modifier in conjunction with the Right Thumbstick.
Playbook & Formations
  • Playbooks will feature new formations and unique plays.
  • On defense, players will see added aggression from the defensive linemen.
Game Modes
  • Penalties are possible in MUT. However, players must use coach adjustments only.
  • Furthermore, injuries will not occur in MUT.
  • Player’s Longshot will not carry over into certain other modes.
  • Competitive will feature little to no bail outs.

Be sure to watch the video here or from YouTube to get all of the new Madden 18 details. If you’d like to donate to the Jonathan Sullivan Memorial Fund, here’s the link:…

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