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Madden 18: Revamped MUT Champions Mode and Weekend Leagues

MUT Champions Mode

Just today, the EA Sports released the changes and latest details about MUT Champion mode and its rewards. MUT Champions mode is a reoccurring week long event that gives you multiple weekly chances to enter. And if you didn’t get in, it restarts at the beginning of the next week.

One of the goals of MUT Champion Mode is to get into a Weekend League. There are two ways to accomplish this.

The first way is to win an MUT Champions Knockout Tournament. To do that, you need to win three out of eight consecutive MUT Champion Mode games during either Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday.

The second way is playing H2H seasons in a specific division. Using this method, the qualifications will start easier and get progressively harder as the season continues. However, winning is not always required to meet the qualifications for that week.

After you succeed and meet either of those criteria, you enter a Weekend League. The Weekend League lasts from Friday morning to Monday morning. You can play a total of 25 games during that period. The more of the 25 games you win during that time, the better your reward will be.

There are two stages of rewards. The first happens right away. If you win a game, you get 1,000 coins. If you lose the game but keep playing past halftime, you’ll receive 500 coins.

The second stage happens on Wednesday after the Weekend League you played. If you are curious about why there is a delay for the main rewards, EA Sports said, “the big rewards won’t be handed out until Wednesday as our security team does an audit to weed out any suspicious behavior.” The rewards themselves vary based on either your win total or your overall ranking against all players during that Weekend League. Here are the reward tiers:

Madden 18 Weekend League Rewards

The Weekend League packs will only be available during a Weekend League. The contents of the pack are dependent on where you place during the Weekend League:

Bronze Tier WL Pack: 3x 65+ OVR Players and 1x 60+ OVR Player
Silver Tier 2 WL Pack: 3x 70+ OVR Players and 1x 65+ OVR Player and 1x 60+ OVR Player
Silver Tier 1 WL Pack: 3x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player and 2x 65+ OVR Players
Silver Tier 1 WL Plus Pack: 5x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player
Gold Tier 2 WL Pack: 1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 3x 70+ OVR Players
Gold Tier 1 WL Pack: 1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 4x 70+ OVR Players
Elite Tier WL Pack: Your choice of choosing one of three Elite Players, with one guaranteed to be 84 OVR or better











The Elite Tier WL Pack will be different from the others. It will contain what the Madden 18 team is currently calling a “Fantasy Pack.” Instead of getting random content, the Fantasy Pack will contain 3 elite players. At least one of those three players will have an 84 or higher OVR. Seeing all three players and their OVR, you will choose the one you want to keep.

Coming in first place in a Weekend League isn’t the only way to get a Fantasy Pack. EA Sports revealed that “Fantasy Packs are a great addition to MUT, and you’ll see them sprinkled throughout the game.” Exactly how often or where players may see Fantasy Packs outside of MUT Champions Mode is still a developer secret.

Madden 18 will be available on August 17, 2017 via EA Early Access. It will be August 22 for those who pre-ordered and August 25th for those who picked it up on its official release date. The game will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on those dates. And if you’re not sure which version you should buy, we’ve got you covered.

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