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Madden 18 Franchise Tips: Top 10 Sleeper Offensive Linemen

Madden 18 Sleeper O-line

Another Madden year is underway which means another installment in the Top 10 Sleeper Series for Madden 18. This time around, Sports Gamers Online looks at 10 sleeper offensive linemen you may have overlooked. These are just a few athletes you’ll want to watch out for as they may give you an unexpected edge in your franchise. Be sure to check out the video above via YouTube or continue below for the video breakdown.

Madden 18 Top 10 Sleeper Offensive Linemen

Welcome back Sports Gamers and welcome to part five of our Madden 18 sleeper series. Today, we’re going to tackle the protectors of the quarterback, the offensive linemen. Let’s get to it!

Willie Beavers (Minnesota Vikings)


Age: 23

Beavers isn’t the fastest or strongest offensive linemen around. H does, however, make up for his short comings by having excellent agility and being a decent blocker. Especially, for a 69 overall player. He comes with an above average rating of 81 run block and 77 pass. For you run heavy offensive players, you can take advantage of the 23 years old good run block starting point and not so bad pass block rating for a cheap player. After a little developing, he’ll be a more than decent plug on your offensive line.

Nick Martin (Houston Texans)

Overall: 74

Age: 24

Martin starts Madden 18 with 65 speed, 79 acceleration and a serviceable rating of 85 strength. His agility rating of 59 is trash, but he has a 74 awareness. In addition, he is an above average blocker in both the run and the pass while having a decent impact block rating as well. He isn’t completely terrible at one thing besides agility. With the 74 awareness as a bonus, starting out he won’t hurt you and can be developed into a decent center for your squad.

Taylor Moton (Carolina Panthers)

Overall: 73

Age: 23

The rookie right guard, Moton, will have 81 run block and 80 pass block to start. You can go either way with him starting out. His 87 strength will help with run or pass block. Moton has great starting numbers in some of the most important ratings for a rookie linemen.

Ethan Pocic (Seattle Seahawks)

Overall: 75

Age: 22

Pocic can get busy for you in the run game on day one. He has 81 run block and 85 impact block. With decent speed, agility and 85 strength, Pocic has the potential to dominate in a man or zone blocking scheme.

Antonio Garcia (New England Patriots)

Overall: 71

Age: 23

One of the better athletes at the tackle position, Garcia has 76 agility with 67 speed and 79 acceleration. You’re not going to beat him with just speed. Then, when you consider he’ll have 80 pass block, the rook could be a great left tackle if you put the time in.

Dion Dawkins (Buffalo Bills)

Overall: 76

Age: 23

One of the few guys the Bills haven’t traded or cut, Dawkins is a pretty good all-around offensive linemen. He’ll have 69 speed and 80 acceleration. This will be useful in getting to the 2nd level in time as well as on plays where you need him to pull at guard. He’ll also have 82 run block and 79 pass block with 90 strength. Like I said, the 23 year old rookie is one of the better buy low options and one of the better rookies at his position in Madden 18.

Dan Feeney (San Diego Chargers)

Overall: 76

Age: 23

Considering he plays for the Chargers, it will be tough to pry him from their owners. They will need all the help they can get on the o-line. However, it’s still possible as he’s only a 76 overall. Don’t let his rating fool you. Feeney starts with 91 strength, 82 run block and 83 impact. So, the rook has beastly potential as a run defender.

Ryan Kelly (Indianapolis Colts)

Overall: 79

Age: 24

Want a starting center for the next 10 years? Ryan Kelly is your guy. He’s one of the most athletic linemen at his position with his 71 speed and 81 acceleration. On top of that, he has other good numbers too. He’s got 86 strength, a great pass blocker, 82 impact and 84 awareness. So, he has the numbers of a guy whose 3 or 4 years older with that awareness. However, at 24, is young enough where he still has plenty of building up to do.

Cam Robinson (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Overall: 76

Age: 21

Cam Robinson combines his size at 320 lbs and 91 strength with great athleticism. His 67 speed and 80 acceleration turns him into a unique offensive linemen. Then, when you notice he can block a little bit with his 83 run block and 84 impact. He’s a building block for Leonard Fornette to run behind on the Jags o-line. At 21 year old, he has pro-bowl potential and in a year or two, there’s a good chance he will be flirting with the high 80’s in overall in you’re franchise.

Forrest Lamp (San Diego Chargers)

Overall: 79

Age: 23

The Sports Gamers Online #1 Sleeper offensive linemen in Madden 18 is Forrest Lamp. Let’s see 72 speed….84 acceleration..72 agility, those are tight end numbers. A slow tight end, but a tight end nonetheless. He has 91 strength and 86 impact block. So, he’s got some Alabama strength to him as well. On top of that, with 81 run and 83 pass block, he has great starting blocking numbers. It would have taken a lot for Cam Robinson to not be number one on our Top 10 list and somehow, Lamp topped it. The 23 year old guard can do everything at a high rate right from game one and will only get better. It makes sense why he sits atop the Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Sleeper offensive linemen in Madden 18.

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not, who is a tight end that you’ve been getting busy with that you think deserved a spot? Leave it in the comments down below. Stay tuned for more Madden 18 content here at Sports Gamers Online and the next part in our sleeper series focusing on the cornerbacks. Check back here daily so you don’t miss it!

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