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Madden NFL 19 Equipment Wishlist

Madden 19 Equipment Wishlist

In Madden 18, fans were treated to a ton of new equipment. This included a variety of helmets, sleeves and cleats. However, for the equipment heads out there, it was obvious some stuff was still missing. Since Madden prides itself on being a simulation of what you see on Sundays, let’s take a look at what equipment Madden 19 needs to add to take it to the next level.


SO223 LP Mask (Vicis Zero 1 Helmets)

The new SO223 LP masks that are on the Vicis Zero 1 helmets should be added. These helmets have already been worn by stars such as Russel Wilson, Richard Sherman and Jadeveon Clowney.

Vengeance Z10 Line of Masks

There’s also the Vengeance Z10 Line of masks. It will need to feature the new titanium face.

Prime, Predator, Prowl and Pursuit Xenith Masks

These variety of masks have been worn by the likes of Tahir Whitehead, Brandon Bolden and Superbowl Champ, Fletcher Cox. It’s a unique design and will be crucial in make authentic representations of athletes.

New Riddell Masks

These helmets have been worn by quarterbacks Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck and Carson Wentz.

Colored Visors

The piece of equipment missing that I still haven’t gotten over is colored visors. We all remember the reflective visor worn by Ricky Williams or Sean Taylor’s orange tint back in his Miami Hurricane days.  This one is a long shot (, but it deserves to be mentioned.

Visor Branding

Also visor branding from Under Armor, Nike, Oakley and SHOC are all missing from the game. The logos are already featured on the jerseys so why not the visors? And Visor tabs are missing as well, where players would frequently use their team logo.

Nose/Eye Black Improvements

Lastly, Madden 19 should have the option to allow a full black tape/paint length to give that Ray Lewis look.

Upper Body

Baggy Arm Sleeves

Not every player wears the tight compression fit shirts. A lot of quarterbacks opt for the baggy look.

Short Baggy Sleeves

In contrast, I would also like to see shorter baggy sleeves. Phillip Rivers and Tom Brady prefer this. The current sleeves look three sizes too big on anyone who wears them.

Back Plate/Flak Jacket Combo

Speaking of quarterbacks, there needs to be a back plate/flak jacket combo in the game. This combo is commonly worn by Caser Keenum and Cam Newton.


Once it gets cold outside, players should have the option to wear turtlenecks or a full James Jones style hoodie.

Elbow Level QB Coach Bands

Although a rarity, it’d be nice to extend the size of the coach bands available to Quarterbacks.

Forearm Bands

I remember NFL 2K5 featured forearm bands. It’s wild that Madden has yet to allow the ability to put them on your forearm considering this piece of equipment is in the game already and worn by two of the biggest stars in the past decade.

2018 Line of Gloves

In Addition Forearm bands, it would be awesome to get the 2018 Line of gloves from UA, Nike, Cutters and Adidas.

Longer Turf Tape

A more player specific request, Alvin Kamara’s turf tape would make a fine addition. It’s a shame I must say Kamara’s turf tape, because Jamaal Charles use to wear these all the time and they never added them.  They used to give us the smaller turf tape, but it’s time to upgrade. Kamara even lobbied to Madden to put it in the game. I would say there’s a good chance we might see this one real soon.

Captain Patches

While Captain patches are currently in the game, I would like to be able to add them manually to players as well.

Practice Jerseys(Gear)

For the Franchise mode readers, the practice jerseys could also get an update. Have the players wear baggier uniforms for practice. This will show the difference between intensity in a real game versus practice or training camp style.

Elbow Padded Shooter

Also, the McDavid style padded shooter sleeves should be added. I’m certain they only have the regular shooter sleeves in the game as of right now.

Updated Elbow Braces

Players often opt for less bulky ones that are more cage like than a full pad, so this would make a great addition. Think J.J. Watt versus Rob Gronkowksi.


It would be cool if all the players finally have their tattoos. I have fond memories on the PS2 Madden, trying to recreate Jeremy Shockey’s Eagle tattoo with the limited tattoo options they gave me. I get why the 2K and Live can do so, while Madden cannot. The size of the rosters are in no way comparable. That also means getting permission from more tattoo artists as well.

Lower Body

Shorter Pants/Knee High Socks

For the leg area, giving us the ability to have our players pants go above the knee for the skill position players would be a nice touch. Odell Beckham rocks this look a lot and knee high socks to compliment this option would be amazing.

Knee Braces

These haven’t been seen since NCAA ’14, perhaps it’s time they make a come back.

Shin Guards

Players should simply be able to wear shin guards underneath their socks like Adrian Peterson or Cam Newton.


Updated Spats

We need updated spats rather than the mid-calf tape or foot spats that’s available now.

Soccer Cleats (Kickers)

Since no true kicker cleats have existed in any modern Madden game, now is the time to add them.

Alright Sports Gamers, what piece of equipment are you hoping to see get added in Madden 19? Let us know in the comments down below. Be sure to stay tuned here at Sports Gamers Online for more Madden content.

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