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Madden 19 Franchise Deep Dive Highlights

Madden NFL 19 Franchise

Early this morning, EA Sports continued its deep dive into the new features of Madden 19. Via their official website, EA gave fans a look into the enhanced Franchise Mode. You can check the highlights below.

Madden 19 Deep Dive Into Franchise Mode

In Madden 19, you’ll step into your coach’s shoes to build your team into a dynasty. You’ll upgrade your players, balance your scheme and manage your depth chart to increase success in the field. Players will also have the option to embrace the immediate post game. Madden 19 let’s you visit your players in the locker room and slap a Captain’s patch on the best of both sides. Back in your office, check out the best moments from the game on your TV and on the news. EA is expanding on the moment to moment activities in this year’s Franchise Mode.

Player Archetype Progression

Small activities aren’t the only thing getting improvements. The Franchise Mode in Madden 19 gives players a new way to progress and improve their gridiron warriors. The new Archetype Progression system introduces a new way to progress and classify your players on the field. These archetypes found within each position makes it easier to evaluate a player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Experience for player progression is awarded through gameplay in various ways. The end of each game will present you with the option to apply Skill Points into their respective Archetype and advance their overall. Your players progress a full OVR point with each upgrade; however, it’s up to you to decide what path your players take.

Archetype List by Position:
  • QB: Strong Arm, Scrambler, West Coast, Field General
  • HB: Power Back, Elusive Back, Receiving Back
  • FB: Blocking, Utility
  • WR: Deep Threat, Possession, Red Zone Threat, Slot Receiver
  • TE: Vertical Threat, Possession, Blocking
  • OL: Agile, Power, Pass Protector
  • DL: Run Stopper, Speed Rusher, Power Rusher
  • MLB: Field General, Pass Coverage, Run Stopper
  • OLB: Pass Coverage, Run Stopper, Speed Rusher, Power Rusher
  • CB: Man-to-Man, Zone Coverage, Slot Corner
  • S: Zone Coverage, Run Support, Hybrid
  • K/P: Accurate, Power

Coach Scheme Fits

This year, Madden 19 promises to put more emphasis on coaching schemes. The new Scheme Fits feature rewards those who build their team with players that compliment their schemes. This will have positive effects on your team’s performance while increasing the speed of player progression.

Available Schemes So Far

Offensive Schemes

  • West Coast Zone Run
  • West Coast Power Run
  • Vertical Zone Run
  • Vertical Power Run
  • Multiple Zone Run
  • Multiple Power Run
  • Spread
  • Run and Shoot

Defensive Schemes

  • Base 4-3
  • Multiple 4-3
  • Base 3-4
  • Multiple 3-4
  • Tampa 2
  • 46 Defense

Draft Class Creator

It’s finally here. Madden 19’s Franchise Mode gives fans the power to create and share Draft Classes using Madden Share. This is seamlessly tied into the experience as Week 3 of the regular season will prompt you to either use an auto-generated class, download a class or import a locally-saved class. You will have the option to download and import any time Scouting is available, even if it’s late in the season.

Depth Chart Positions

Depth Charts have become even more important this time around. The Specialist section offers seven depth chart positions to ensure the right players are on the field in the right situations.

Player Ratings

Keeping up with the new Archetype system, 11 new ratings have been added to help differentiate players. Each rating adds to the Archetype’s uniqueness bringing more variety to the field.

All that and so much more will be available in this year’s Franchise Mode. Madden 19 will be bringing more of power from the Frostbite engine providing immersive environments and player regression. Be sure to follow up and check out the full list of exciting features Franchise Mode offers in Madden 19.

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