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Madden 19 Tips To Help You Get Started

Madden 19

Every year we try to bring you the very best in tips and strategies for the latest Madden game. Our YouTube guys have worked tirelessly putting together some useful tools to help you step your game up in Madden 19. In addition to thumbing through our extensive YouTube library, you can check out the article below. Here, you’ll find a few videos to serve as a starting point.

Madden 19 Tips and Strategies

Setting up on PC

The first video is the featured video above designed to help those looking dominate the gridiron from the comfort of their PC. It’s been years since Madden launched on PC. This video goes over a few things of note:

  • Can you run it? – Quick pointers to make sure your PC specs are up to par
  • Downloading and installing the game from EA Origin
  • Playing Madden 19 with a console controller and how to set that up

To check out these tips, watch the feature video above or take a look by following this link.

Returning the Kickoffs

As the name suggests, this next video will help you fine tune your skills in not just returning the kickoff, but to score the lucrative touchdown as well. Starting with making sure you have a good return man, this video will cover a few small topics such as:

  • Overall best return play to use
  • Managing your field position and route to return
  • How to best utilize the other guys on the field
  • Using Real Player Motion to your advantage

You can check out this video below or catch it on YouTube as well.

Mastering the Running Game

Whether you take it off the snap, bring it down from in the air or rack up interceptions, scoring a touchdown is going to have you running with the ball. The next Madden 19 tips video is going to help you do just that. Our guys on YouTube will help you manage your timing with acceleration and avoiding unnecessary punishment. Once again, we break down the effects of Real Player Motion as this year, you’ll have to slowdown and focus on precision timing. It’ll also go over hitting-the-hole and manually directing your jukes. You can catch this video below or on YouTube.

Dominating on Defense

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the other side of the ball. This next starter video will cover some need-to-know tips for being effective on defense. In the video, our guys on YouTube go over some ways to make you a lockdown linebacker while not being intrusive for the other defenders. You can expect to get a quick lesson in:

  • Understanding the importance of maintaining your assigned zone
  • Avoiding taking the bait and being overly aggressive
  • When is it appropriate to break assignment
  • Avoiding bad reads and baiting the AI for interceptions

If you enjoy the defensive game, you’ll certainly want to check this video out. You can catch it below or snag a view on YouTube as well.

Wrapping Up

While this wraps up our starter tips, we will be sure to bring you more videos in the near future. With that being said, be on the lookout for our Madden 19 review and let us know of more tips you want to see in the comments below.

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