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Madden 20 Equipment Wishlist Part 2

Part one of our Madden 20 equipment wishlist focused on helmets, as well as mouthguards and other gear used for NFL players’ heads and torso areas.

Today, part two will focus on what we want to see available for players’ arms, legs and feet.


Loose Sleeves

Baggy long sleeved undershirts are rather popular in the NFL, with many players using these instead if the compression style sleeves currently represented in-game right now.

Padded Shooter Sleeves

Shooter sleeves were a great addition to the game a few years ago. However, a number of players use padded shooter sleeves. A small texture addition on the pre-existing shooter sleeves would do wonders and easily add another realistic customization option.

¼ Sleeve/Shooter combo

The ability to combine the existing quarter sleeve, and shooter sleeve would create a look that’s only seen by a few QB’s in the league, such as Mitch Trubisky, Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes.

¾ Sleeves

Three-quarter sleeves are simply long sleeves that have been pulled up, and there are a few players who rock this look consistently. Dan Bailey, Brett Maher, Bradley Pinion, Matt Bosher have used this style most of their careers, while Dak Prescott wore his sleeves like this on-and-off during the 2018 season. A slight tweak to the long sleeves would easily achieve this look. Despite being used primarily by kickers, it seems like another simple addition.

Elbow Stabilizer

The current elbow brace used in Madden is also occasionally used in real life. However, players who have suffered elbow injuries typically use a more stripped down, cage version of the brace. The stabilizers. like the one JJ Watt utilizes, are often seen following elbow dislocations to stabilize the joint. Adding this type of stabilizer to Madden would add some more realistic looks for players who have suffered those types of injuries in the past.

Medium and Full Turf Tape

Only two words are needed on this one. Turf. Tape. Alvin Kamara may be the biggest name that started the revival of a mid-2000’s style. However, its explosion throughout football at all levels has been incredible. The changes in turf throughout the years had rendered turf tape obsolete for about a decade. Despite that, it seems to be making its way back primarily as a fashion statement, but is also still useful against turf burn. Kamara’s player model was adjusted to show his turf tape in a large patch in the fall, but it was only for his character and it looks more “painted on” than the real thing. This should be high on the priority list for Madden 20 equipment.

Elbow/Forearm Band Combo

This one is all about maximizing the use of accessories: a combo of a forearm band, a bicep band, occasionally some sleeves and wrist tape. An addition of a large bicep band and eligible to be paired with the preexisting forearm band would be a nice touch. It’s not an overly popular look in the NFL, but when guys like Jalen Ramsey, the “Honey Badger” Tyrann Mathieu and Jamal Adams regularly use the combo, you have to put it in the game.

Wristband Height

A very subtle tweak to wristbands would be nice. The current wristbands often look either too big or too small. Drew Brees, Blake Bortles, Andy Dalton and many others usually use a smaller style wristband that are a bit closer to the hand. DeShaun Watson and Jameis Winston use a larger style wristband that’s twice the size of the smaller band. Updating the current wristband to represent the smaller, 3-inch style band would be a nice touch while updating the current “double” version to represent a 6-inch band seems like a reasonable solution.


Not a super noticeable option, but small bracelets would be a nice touch. The short wrist tape option could be good substitute, but cutting it down even further could give the look of a bracelet, which shouldn’t create a ton of work for the team.


One of the most requested things in the game is tattoos, as only a few players have their real-life tattoos in the game, such as Mike Evans of the Buccaneers. A reason for this is tattoo ownership issues, as conflicts over who owns the likeness of them has been fought over between video game developers and the tattoo artists themselves. NBA 2K put player tattoo’s in the game and were promptly sued for it.  Because of this, it’s more on the individual player themselves to get all of the necessary releases to get their tattoo’s in the game. So if your favorite player doesn’t have his tattoos in the game, hit him up on Twitter and let him know to get with EA and get them in the game!

Thin Finger Tape

A small update to the current finer tape options would be cool. The current tape looks a bit too bulky and wraps around the finger a bit too much. An update to a thinner tape along the digits would make it slightly less noticeable, but a lot more realistic.


Short Pants

Typically for players seeking more flexibility, pants have been getting higher. Rather than reaching past the player’s knee, they now regularly sit above the knee. More often than not, the bare knee is exposed while some players use full compression pants to cover the knee. NFL rules state that “…pants must be worn over the entire knee area…”, so it seems extremely unlikely that this will be allowed in the game but it would be cool to at least see it in practice mode.

Knee Braces

Knee braces are a piece of equipment you rarely notice, but are very common in the NFL. Many offensive lineman use them, as do a large number of QB’s who use them on their plant legs to protect themselves from falling defenders. Braces are required to be covered by the player’s sock, so adding some texture around the knee seems like a safe option.

Sock Height Stripes

A commonly requested item in the Madden series are sock heights for teams like the Bears, Bills, Chargers, Chiefs, Jaguars, Patriots and Redskins. Teams with regular socks are given a High, Standard, Low or Tucked option, while teams with striped socks are stuck at a medium, or standard, height. Tyreek Hill wears his striped socks very high, while Patrick Mahomes uses his very low.

Wrinkled Socks

A subtle texture change for the socks would be a great addition. Giving a wrinkled look for the socks would add a nice touch of realism. OBJ is likely the biggest name to use his socks like this, but the look has quietly spread throughout the league. It could be rather difficult to notice in-game, but it never hurts to include the small things.

Custom Thigh Pads

Thigh pads are still required at the NFL level, and Madden currently has 2 options available: a standard pad that has ridges, a look that has been around for years, and a Nike pad which is a bit bigger with a subtle honeycomb pattern. Custom pads with designs cut into them have become rather popular. Some players simply use their number, while others use team logos. This option could be a lengthy project for the team, but would be a huge perk when customizing players.


Improved Design and Color for Spats

The current spat options in Madden are just way off. The low spats look too small and don’t reach above the ankle, while the higher options just look massive, reaching way too far up the leg. Spats are usually used to protect the player’s ankles and keep rubber turf pellets out of the player’s cleats. They should cover the back half of the cleat and carry a few inches onto the player’s ankle, and are usually very tight along the ankle. Most modern teams use white tape, while the Texans usually use a team color. Completely revamping the existing spats and adding a variety of color options would be very beneficial.

Air Jordan 11 Mid

Jordan 11 low’s were patched into Madden 19 after the games launch, and they look great, but a mid variant would be nice. The lows are occasionally seen on receivers and other skill positions, but the 11 mid seems to actually be the more popular option. Jumpman athletes like Bobby Wagner, Tyrann Mathieu and Michael Thomas have typically worn mids since being signed to the Jordan Brand.

Air Jordan 1 Cleats

The Jordan 1 cleats weren’t seen on the football field until late in the 2018 season, but became quite popular, especially throughout the playoffs. A baseball cleat option has been seen in MLB for a bit now, but with the cleat finally making it to the NFL, it’s safe to assume it’ll be getting some serious attention by players and the Madden team.

Soccer-Style Kicker Cleats

Soccer/kicker cleats didn’t get any attention when the games shifted to the next-gen consoles. Understandably, the kickers haven’t gotten a ton of attention from the equipment team, but it seems like a good time to finally add some soccer cleats for these guys. A scan of one cleat from Nike, Under Armour and Adidas would be cool to see.


Practice Uniforms

Practice uniforms would be a large project, but one that definitely needs to be done. Practice isn’t a huge part of the Madden series, but using full game uniforms during practice and CFM’s weekly training is just silly. A generic pair of pants and a looser fitting, solid colored jersey would be required. Removing eye black would also be a good idea to take it to the next level.

Injury-Based Equipment Additions (Arm tape, IV Treatment, etc.)

All athletes are required to play while hurt. In-game additions of equipment would add some realism. Throughout games players can turn an ankle (requiring a spat), cut an arm, receive an IV(usually covered with a bandage and/or tape), or hurt a finger/hand/wrist(requiring tape, or a glove).

Walter Payton Man of the Year Logo

Every year, all 32 teams nominate 1 player from their roster for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. These designated players then receive a WPMYA helmet sticker for the remainder of the year with a nomination, and a jersey patch/helmet sticker for the remainder of their career after winning.

Updated Captain Patches

Captain patches were introduced to the NFL in 2007, and their role was expanded in the Madden series in M19. This was a great addition to CFM, however the current patches look far too small. A more realistic patch design like the jersey numbers have and an increased size would make the captain patches better.

That’s our equipment wishlist for Madden 20. Think we missed something? Let us know in our comments sections, or on our forums.

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