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Madden 20: New Details For Franchise and Superstar Modes Revealed


The Madden development team today released some new details and changes for some of the game modes in Madden 20, including a facelift to the ratings system and customization options for the new “Face of the Franchise” mode.

First Madden 20 Details

In “Face of the Franchise”, the player that you create will be the face of your team, and that player can be customized and given different QB archetypes, and voice customization will be available as well. The player you make will go through all the steps each QB goes through in the NFL, such as handling the NFL Combine before being drafted, participating in pre-game warmups and speaking at press conferences.

The Madden team has also added a new scenario-based system that looks similar to “The Ones” mode in NBA Live. This will allow gamers to directly affect a player’s growth by achieving certain tasks. Say your coach asks you how you will handle JJ Watt? The way your player performs in that game can give your player an additional boost in growth.

The developers have also made some changes to the “Development Trait” engine, as they have added new abilities, Superstar and Zone abilities. As for what traits will be in the game, the Development Traits in Madden 20 are Normal, Star, Superstar, and Superstar X-Factor. Both Superstar and X-Factors players can earn Superstar Abilities, but only X-Factors can earn Zone Abilities. Also, the developers stressed that they have addressed an issue regarding players dropping down in Development Trait, as players can no longer go down in Development Trait at the end of a season.

Ratings and Franchise Mode

Ratings this year will be more stretched out. In Madden 20, the development team said that there will be 400 less players that are 70 OVR or higher this year than in Madden 19. In some cases, starting players may have overalls in the 50’s. This allows for player progression to be spread out, as it will take more time for a player who was drafted in the 50’s and 60’s to grow into an elite player.

Also, the skill gap between players with similar overalls will be more noticeable than in previous games. For example, a 90 OVR player will have a larger rating difference than a 89 OVR player.

Franchise Mode will see some changes, as the developers have worked to make changes to players contracts which should not only make these contracts more authentic, but should also make a team’s roster space more authentic as well. Trading and re-signing players has also received a facelift, as they have made changes to make it more realistic.

Draft classes have been updated, as new names have been added, and drafting the right players will be more challenging. In Madden 20, Development Traits for rookies will not be revealed until halfway through their first season. This also applies to a player’s ability, so if you draft a player in the top 5 of the NFL Draft, you won’t know if that player has a Superstar trait until later on.

More features on Franchise Mode will be released at EA Play.

Other Features

The Pro Bowl will indeed be coming back for Madden 20, as players can either coach or play in the game in Franchise Mode. As for gameplay, the team said there will be changes to the throw power and QB trajectories. More gameplay changes will be announced later in May.

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