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Madden NFL 21 Adds New Rating That Has a Major Effect on Gameplay

Madden 21 Gameplay

Gamers who played the Madden 21 this past weekend might have noticed a new rating on players. It was first addressed on Twitter when a gamer asked about the new “Change of Direction” rating. Madden Gameplay Designer and Ratings Adjustor Clint Oldenburg addressed the new change.

What is the change of direction rating in Madden 21?

Oldenburg explained that the rating controls a football player’s speed on turns and decelerate. This is what a player must do if they want to have a quick directional change. He also added that the higher that rating is, the more the player can turn before having to make a cut. It also makes it that the faster the deceleration is into that drastic cut as well.

Previously, Madden had an elusiveness rating that is similar to the change of direction rating, but only for offensive players. Madden 21 decided to get rid of the elusiveness rating so that both offensive and defensive players can have a change of direction rating. Oldenburg said that the new rating will be on both sides of the ball in a standard run cycle.

Questions arose with the agility rating and the difference between the two. Madden 21 Head Ratings Adjustor Dustin Smith explained on Twitter that, “Agility is the speed used for simple turns that don’t require a cut or hard plant, minor turns of direction. COD is the range determining when it goes to a sharp cut, as well as the speed/efficiency getting into the sharp cut.”


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