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Madden 21 Analytics: Best Defensive Athleticism


Madden 21 Analytics

Madden 21 Analytics

Best Situations

Cardinal: This group may not be the highest rated but they sure can fly. The real amazing piece of this defense is rookie safety Isaiah Simmons (78 OVR) who has freakish athleticism. Veteran corner Patrick Peterson (88 OVR) is still one of the most athletic at his position, while Budda Baker (86 OVR) brings a lot of talent opposite Simmons.

Packers: The absolute opposite of their offensive rankings, the Packers are one of the most athletic defenses in the league. A cornerback group that can run with anyone in the league is headlined by rising star Jaire Alexander (90 OVR). Veteran safety Adrian Amos (86 OVR) still brings a lot of athleticism to the backend of the unit.

Falcons: Atlanta doesn’t have a good defense, but they got a defense that can run. Linebacker Deion Jones (86 OVR) is a known commodity, but the secondary is where things get interesting in terms of athleticism. Cornerback Kendall Sheffield (73 OVR) may not be able to cover, but with numbers like he has he can at least chase people down when they catch the ball.

Chargers: As old as this unit is, they really haven’t lost anything in the athleticism department. Former Bronco Chris Harris (87 OVR) specifically seems to be staving off old age well, as he is still one of the best corners in the league at 31 years old. Rising star safety Derwin James (89 OVR) has the athleticism to run with almost anyone in the back end.

Dolphins: Another defense that may not be great on paper, but they can at least run. This unit is really bolstered by cornerback Byron Jones (88 OVR) and fellow running mate Xavien Howard (82 OVR). The linebacking core of Raekwon McMillan (76 OVR) and Jerome Baker (74 OVR) are above average for their position.

Madden 21 AnalyticsWorst Situations

Colts: It feels like the Colts should have been rated a little higher than they are. Linebacker Darius Leonard (85 OVR) seems to have gotten the short end of the stick when it came to his athleticism. Outside of Leonard, the only other notable guy on the defense in terms of athleticism is cornerback Kenny Moore (80 OVR).

Raiders: While the Raiders went out and picked up a couple of players this offseason it didn’t help up their athleticism on defense. One of those players, linebacker Corey Littleton (78 OVR), seems to be one of their better players in terms of athleticism. In the back end, second-year safety Jonathan Abram (73 OVR) appears to be the best of the unit.

Seahawks: Bobby Wagner (98 OVR) is a constant here, however, the rest of the starting defense continues to get less athletic. Long time linebacker K.J. Wright (81 OVR) has fallen off a bit as of late. In the secondary, cornerback Shaquill Griffen (84 OVR) is the top player.

Giants: This defense just continues to not be very good. Safety Jabrill Peppers (80 OVR) is the lone bright spot on just an awful defensive unit.

Chiefs: When your offense is that fast, I guess you can be a little slower on defense? That must be the belief inside the Chiefs player personnel department because athleticism is not a priority on this defensive unit. One bright spot however is the skillset of all-pro safety Tyrann Mathieu (93 OVR).


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