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Madden 21 Analytics: Best Offensive Athleticism

Madden 21 Analytics


Madden 21 Analytics

Madden 21 Analytics


Best Situations:

Giants: This will come as a shocker to most people, but the Giants’ offense is the most athletic group as a whole in the game. Saquon Barkley (91 OVR) is a big part of this rating as his agility, and change of direction, ratings are an absurd level for most running backs. Often forgotten about by people, tight end Evan Engram (88 OVR) is a freak athlete relative to most other players at his position. In terms of the wide receiver group, the unit is above average across the board which allows the previously mentioned guys to pull them to the top.

Broncos: If you play in an online franchise then you know people’s excitement about using this team. The reality is this team has amazing athletes across the board, and while their overalls aren’t great they will separate themselves on the field with athleticism. Rookie wide receiver K.J. Hamler (69 OVR) is especially intriguing as he is not only fast, but he has elite agility and change of direction ratings as well. Overall a young group to boot, all of the starters in this unit are 26 years old or younger.

Chiefs: Probably a surprise to most this unit isn’t at the top, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t still an elite unit. In reality, the unit gets pulled down by the agility and change of direction ratings at the halfback and tight end positions. When it comes to the receivers though, there isn’t a more athletic group in the game. Anytime a unit features Tyreek Hill (96 OVR) and his 99 speed, it is going to be in contention for the most athletic.

Panthers: A somewhat sneaky unit, this Panthers team is another one that people have been clamoring about. Christian McCaffrey (99 OVR) is essentially a human joystick at this point. On the outside, the Panthers may have a better track team than a group of wide receivers, but it’s undeniable this group can fly around the field.

Raiders: Rookie Henry Ruggs (76 OVR) is the big driver here, but this group is solid front to back. Tight end Darren Waller (85 OVR) is one of the more athletic at his position in the league. While Josh Jacobs (88 OVR) isn’t the fastest halfback in the league he does enough to keep from pulling the Raiders out of the top 5.

Madden 21Worst Situations

Patriots: There are a lot of things the Patriots have going for them this year, but team speed is not one of them. Marginal athleticism at halfback and below-average speed at wide receiver make this squad less than ideal for high scoring games.

Chargers: The Chargers have a lot of things going for them in terms of weapons, however, athleticism isn’t one of them. Outside of halfback Austin Ekler(85 OVR) and wide receiver Keenan Allen (91 OVR), this group is a much better football unity than track team.

Redskins: Not only is this Redskins offense bad, but they are also one of the least athletic units in the entire league. Second-year receiver Terry McLaurin (82 OVR) has some athleticism to him and is the lone bright spot on the offense.

Lions: The Lions probably aren’t as bad as they appear here, but they are bad in a few spots. At halfback, Kerryon Johnson (82 OVR) is pretty low in the agility skills which is hindering the unit. Also an issue, the third wide receiver spot isn’t really giving the unit much of anything in terms of athleticism.

Packers: Aaron Jones (90 OVR) and Davante Adams (94 OVR) can only do so much in Green Bay. Once we get beyond these two players, things are pretty ugly for the Packers, especially at tight end where they are one of the lower-rated at this position group.


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