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Madden 21 Analytics: Best Offensive Weapon Situations

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In order to do this I used a standard offensive set of halfback, tight end, two wide receivers, and a flex position. The flex position was the highest rated wide receiver or tight end not already used. This setup allowed for scheme versatility based on roster construction.

Madden 21 Analytics

Offensive WeaponsBest Situations

  • Saints: This Saints team is stacked! Having the best wide receiver in the game gets them off to a good start, but that isn’t where it ends. Rolling out one of the best number two receiving options, along with an above average tight end and  half back, make stopping this offense a tall task.
  • Browns: The Browns are no strangers to the top of this list after appearing in the top five last year. When your worst weapons is an ultra athletic 24 year old tight end I’d say things are going pretty good. If there is a weakness to this offensive group, I don’t see it.
  • Buccaneers: It’s easy to see why Tom Brady chose the Buccaneers when you see the weapons he is throwing to. With a top three tight end, and the best number two wide receiver in the league, there should be no shortage of open targets. The only weakness on the offense appears to be a below average starter at halfback.
  • Chiefs: The Chiefs are built to air it out, and air it out they shall. While this list doesn’t reflect speed, I can confirm they have speed for days across this offense, including the fastest player in the game Tyreek Hill. When not stretching the field with Hill and company you will have a reliable target with the second highest rated tight end in Travis Kelce.
  • Giants: Probably the shocker to most people reading this list is seeing the Giants this high. Obviously Saquon Barkley is a known commodity to most people who follow the NFL, and he is rated as such. Highly talented tight end Evan Engram may be the forgotten man here checking in at 88 OVR. At the wide receiver position, the Giants aren’t flashy but put out a very solid group.

Le'Veon BellWorst Situations

  • Patriots: Tom Brady is gone and what he left behind isn’t inspiring confidence in anyone. Julian Edelman is still a quality receiver for a year or two but there isn’t much else in the way of weapons. The real concern is the tight end position that is one of the worst in the league in terms of quality.
  • Dolphins: Similar to the Patriots, the Dolphins have a solid number one wide receiver and little else. Parker does offer better long term stability then Edelman, and Geisecki is an average tight end to work with. While not rated highly halfback Matt Brieda is always a fan favorite, but there is still work to be done on this offense.
  • Jets: The third of the AFC East teams in this section, the Jets are definitely in the worst situation of the three. Le’veon Bell is a slightly above average starting back and that is about the extent of quality on this offense. The league worst number one receiver and a bottom five tight end do not inspire confidence in this offense.
  • Broncos: This one is going to shock some people, but it comes with a caveat. The Broncos are here because of their youth rather than a bad situation. Don’t get me wrong, this youth will struggle early, however, they have a lot more potential then the other offenses in this section. Fant, Jeudy, Sutton all have high end upside down the road if given time.
  • Redskins: Not only does this team not have a name or logo, they don’t have an offense either! The lone bright spot here is second year wide receiver Terry McLaurin. Once you get beyond McLaurin, you are left with a 35 year old running back and the worse number two wide receiver and tight end in the league.

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