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Madden 21 Companion App Drops on iOS


Looks like there will be a Madden 21 companion app, and it just released today on iOS. EA Sports has released a mobile companion app for a few years now to support connected Franchise Mode (CFM).  This year’s app continues the tradition of providing franchise utility, as well as some cool options for Madden Ultimate Team players.

Madden Ultimate Team Integration

With the Madden 21 companion app, you’ll be able to keep track of your MUT team on the go. You’ll have access to the Auction House anywhere, anytime, so you can bid on items or put things on sale whenever you get the itch. The app will send you notifications for when those auctions end, and you’ll know when you get new trade offers as well. You’ll even get access to special rewards that are exclusive to users on the app. That means free coins, packs, and other surprises throughout the season.

The game continues its tools for franchise players as well. You can view your schedule and set game status on your league’s landing page. The app lets you export league info, rosters, and stats for your CFM so you can enhance your league experience with 3rd party community tools and geek out on roster analysis. League commissioners will be able to do their thing straight from the app, including managing users, clearing cap penalties, and advancing the franchise week.

Should I Download?

Much like Madden 21’s full release, the Madden 21 companion app seems to mostly be an iteration on its Madden 20 counterpart. The app is provided for free. The companion app is a must-download if you plan on picking up this year’s title, and doubly so if you go hard in MUT. I can’t imagine a world where this app doesn’t make managing your MUT experience infinitely better.

If you’re still on Madden 20, don’t download the new app or update your current app.  Otherwise, there may be no way to downgrade and get the M20 companion app back for your device.

If you’re on M21 and have an iPhone or an iPad, you can grab the Madden 21 companion app for free right now. As of this writing, the Madden 21 companion app has not yet surfaced on the Google Play store, but based on previous years we’d expect to see it soon.

Not sure if you should pick up Madden 21 this year? Well, you can find our written review on the site, or you can watch it in video form below.

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