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Madden 21 Franchise Mode Details Revealed

Fans of Franchise mode finally got the information they were waiting on as EA Sports has revealed the details surrounding the mode in Madden 21.

The reveal comes just days after the tease was made during a gameplay livestream from EA Sports, an it has information about both the Face of the Franchise and Classic Franchise mode.

Madden 21 Face of the Franchise

In Madden 21’s Face of the Franchise, Madden’s yearly story mode equivalent, your player starts in high school. Madden 21 follows your player, starting as a backup QB to your high school star, all the way into your NFL career. The blog post highlights several possible story lines your all-star may have to overcome on their way to the top. Some of these include,

Franchise Savior
You’ve entered the NFL as one of the most highly touted prospects in your draft class, and that means an entire organization is putting their Super Bowl hopes and dreams on your shoulders. All-time greats were able to deliver on those championship hopes. Now it’s time to prove that you’re cut from the same cloth as those legends.

The Comeback
The struggle of coming back from a serious injury is too much for many players to overcome. But a handful of legends have been better than ever after making their returns. In 2012, Adrian Peterson finished first in MVP voting after suffering a career-threatening injury the previous season. After an injury forces you to sit out most of the year, can you regain your form and reestablish yourself as one of the NFL’s best?

Turf War
After a subpar performance last season, you’re suddenly facing competition for your starting position. But a good old position battle could end up bringing out the best in everyone involved. Can you hold off the in-house opposition and come out even better than before, or is your job in serious jeopardy?”

The blog post also outlines a handful of changes being made to Madden 21’s classic franchise mode.

Madden 21 Classic Franchise Updates

  • The new X-Factors make their way into Franchise. More details on X-Factors in Madden NFL 21 coming soon!
  • Franchise has an expanded Wild Card Playoff round to match the real-life NFL which now features 3 games for each conference instead of 2.
  • Updated all rookie contract amounts to be more authentic to the actual Draft rookie contracts for all 7 rounds
  • Retuned every position’s available Abilities to better consider in-game effectiveness of the ability and archetype authenticity. Also made the 2nd ability unlock for most positions 85 OVR (was 80 OVR in Madden NFL 20.)
  • Fixed multiple cases in logic of players considered for a Dev Trait upgrade at the end of the season not checking the correct stat types.
  • Updates to all team back-end depth chart philosophies so they match the team’s scheme.
  • Added position-specific Offensive Lineman archetype progression buckets for OT, OG, and C to capture variance in OVR formulas based on positional expectations. Previously, all OL were pulling from the same progression bucket.
  • Fixed issue where defensive playbooks and schemes for our fictional coaches would be misaligned (e.g. 3-4 playbook with a 4-3 scheme.)

You can find the full Gridiron Notes on EA’s website here. The next Gridiron Notes drop July 14th, and will be covering playbooks in Madden 21Madden NFL 21 launches August 25, 2020 for current gen consoles.

So sports gamers, what do you think of the Madden 21 franchise announcement? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more.

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