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Madden 21 Makes New Additions to Ultimate Team

Madden 21 is close to be released and they continue to release new information that now includes Ultimate Team. EA released their latest Gridiron Notes blog revealing Ultimate Team information. The game mode is including new features like ability caps, a new item layout, and more.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team New Features

Ability Caps

Ability Caps adds a new layer to team building that allows players to customize how they want their team to perform on the field. Every ability has an Ability Point (AP) cost and they will be given an AP Limit for each: offense, defense, and special teams. It will be up to the player to choose how they want to spend those points. Not all abilities have the same kind of in-game impact and because of that, every Ability can have a different AP cost.

When it comes to X-Factors, these too will exist in the AP system. Players will still only be able to have 3 X-Factors per side of the ball with all default X-Factors are going to cost zero AP. The AP Limit at launch is currently set at 10.

Another key feature in Ability Caps is the game is going to allow up to 5 Abilities per individual player. The breakdown will look like this:

80 OVR: Tier 1 Ability Slot
85 OVR: Tier 2 Ability Slot
90 OVR: Tier 3 Ability Slot
98 OVR: Tier 3 Ability Slot
99 OVR: Tier 3 Ability Slot

New Item Layout

Madden 21 put together a “50/50” concept where the art and core info was broken up into separate sides of the frame. The game removed the salary cap cost from the front of the item and switched out the archetype icon with explicit text for what position and archetype the player is. The NAT, LTD, and Power Up icons are now off of the art and will show up in the bottom right of the frame where applicable. The art has been shifted around in order to allow for the specific abilities icons to display versus just the number of passive abilities.


Another new addition to Ultimate Team comes in the form of RIVALZ. The mode has a series of challenges is meant as a nice onboard into the mode consisting of all arcade game style and basic end conditions. Completing these challenges will allow players to choose an 85 OVR Ben Roethlisberger, Zach Ertz, or Jaylon Smith.

Console Transition

Big for gamers is coins, training, points, and more can be moved to the next-gen console. This will not be done as a “one-time push” like it was in the previous console generation transition. Instead, they will co-exist together. Any change or update made on one generational platform will also show up in the other.

To read more about Madden 21 and Ultimate Team, gamers can check out the new features at the link here.


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