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Madden 21 Reveal X-Factor Abilities for Quarterbacks, Halfbacks

Madden 21 upgrade

It’s X-Factor Season.

This week, EA Sports will be revealing a new set of Madden 21 X-Factors, posting a new position every day.

EA Sports added the X-Factor mechanic in Madden 20. X-Factors are unique abilities given to superstar players to help better match their real-life counterparts. These abilities are activated in-game by achieving certain game play objectives. For example, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson activates his X-Factor, Blitz Radar, after three scrambles of over 10 yards.

So far, EA has revealed the X-Factors of twelve players in Madden 21: Six Quarterbacks and Six Halfbacks.


Making it’s debut in Madden 21, Truzz is the unique X-Factor of Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. While Truzz is active, Lamar Jackson cannot fumble the ball. Truzz is activated by making five runs of at least one yard. Jackson loses Truzz after one tackle for loss.


Gambler returns as the unique X-Factor of Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers. When Gambler is active, AI defenders cannot intercept passes thrown by Rodgers. Gambler is triggered by three consecutive 5+ yard completions. Rodgers loses Gambler after two incompletions.

Blitz Radar

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson activates Blitz Radar after three scrambles of at least ten yards. While Blitz Radar is active, blitzers that are not defensive lineman are highlighted during the play. Wilson is knocked out of Blitz Radar after two sacks.


Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ Bazooka ability is simple: he throw real far. When Mahomes is in the zone, his max throwing distance is increased by 15 yards, up to 80 yards total. One completed 30+ yard pass triggers Bazooka, while one sack knocks Mahomes out of the zone.

Pro Reads

Previously, only future Tampa Bay Buccaniers QB Tom Brady had the Pro Reads X-Factor. In Madden 21, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees also has the X-Factor. When a QB with Pro Reads is in the zone, Madden 21 highlights their first open target, and ignores pressure. Three consecutive completions of 5+ yards will trigger Pro Reads, and one sack will end it.

Wrecking Ball

In Madden 21, Cleveland Browns Halfback Nick Chubb’s X-Factor changes from Freight Train to Wrecking Ball. When Wrecking Ball is active, Chubb has high success rate on his next three trucks or stiff-arms. Chubbs triggers Wrecking Ball after three 10+ yard rushes, and loses it when he’s tackled for a loss.

Freight Train

In Madden 20, HBs with the Freight Train X-Factor always broke the first tackle. In Madden 21, it appears that Freight Train only increases your chances of breaking the next tackle attempt. Tennessee Titans HB Derrick Henry and Dallas Cowboys HB Ezekiel Elliott both have the Freight Train X-Factor in Madden 21. Freight Train is activated after three rushes for at least 10 yards, and is ended after one tackle for loss.

First One Free

Halfbacks with First One Free active get a high fake-out rate on their next juke, spin, or hesitation. Two players, Minnesota Vikings HB Dalvin Cook and New York Giants HB Saquon Barkley, have this X-Factor. Like the other Halfback X-Factors, it takes three rushes of 10 or more yards to activate, and one tackle for loss ends the X-Factor.

Ankle Breaker

Ankle Breaker is the unique X-Factor for member of the 99 Club Christian McCaffrey. The Carolina Panther HB gets increased fake-out rates on skill moves following a catch while Ankle Breaker is active. Ankle Breaker activates after three receptions of at least 10 yards. McCaffrey loses ankle breaker after one drop, incompletion, or three consecutive non-targets.

For more news on Madden 21 X-Factors as they are released this week, keep an eye right here on Sports Gamers Online. You can tide yourself over with our coverage and analytics of Madden 21 as well.

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