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Madden 22 Franchise Bugs

Madden 22 Addresses Franchise Desync Issue and More

It’s hard to imagine a AAA video game title having a worse rollout than Madden 21. But, here we are. Among the issues since launch, Franchise mode has seen its fair share of bugs. EA Community Manager, Kraelo, posted to Answer HQ to address the problems with the Franchise community.

Statement From EA on Franchise Bugs

“Hey Franchise Community,” Kraelo’s post reads. “We have been investigating reports from some players around the following issues in Franchise mode:

  • H2H Desync for multi-user leagues.
  • Offline franchise score reset
  • White screen during NFL Draft Screen.

“We will continue to provide updates to this forum post as we receive updates on resolutions and timelines. Thank you for your patience while our teams work to address these issues.”

Madden 22 Franchise Desync Workaround

EA posted two subsequent updates following its statement. The first gave Franchise users experiencing the desync problem a workaround:

“Regarding the head-to-head desync, if either player has a scenario-driven coach goal, a desync may occur. While the dev team is working to address the issue, players impacted can keep playing by avoiding scenarios. For players with leagues that are experiencing the desync, you can advance the week and let that game get simmed, which will clear the goal, and then avoid scenarios until a fix is deployed.”

“We know that neither of these workarounds is optimal and are working as fast as we can to fix these issues in the upcoming Title Update.”

Franchise Score Reset Issue Still Not Resolved

A second update was posted by the company on Thursday. The post acknowledged that while the desync issue has been fixed, the Franchise score reset problem persists:

“The server maintenance this morning contained a change that addressed a desync issue in head-to-head Franchise games related to having a scenario staff goal. The Franchise Team will continue to monitor this issue and make improvements in upcoming Title Updates.

The team is still working to address the Franchise Score Reset issue and we will provide an update once that issue has been addressed.”

EA said their focus coming into Madden 22 was its long-neglected Franchise mode. Unfortunately for that community, additions to the mode seem to have created a host of other issues at launch. However, they’re not alone. The Madden publisher seems to be playing a game of virtual Whac-A-Mole trying to address the issues all over its latest release.

Have you experienced issues in Madden 22‘s franchise mode? Which ones? Let us know down in the comments. For more Madden news, stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online.

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