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Madden 22 Connected Franchise

How to Fix Madden 22 Franchise Desyncs

Madden 22 Connected Franchise mode unites up to 32 users in one league. Each players takes control of an NFL team as a head coach or owner. Normally, Madden franchise mode allows players to split between coaches and owners. The mode even includes an option when creating the league to allow a combination of both, as well as restrict players to either coach or owner. This year, franchise players assumed the same, and created franchises with an assembled full 32 man league only to be confronted with a de-sync issue.

Madden 22 Connected Franchise Disconnects

As of today, Madden 22 connected franchise mode does not allow a team controlled by a coach to play a team controlled by an owner. When attempting to do this, a de-sync will occur. This is a result of coach controlled teams desyncing from games, meaning all franchises must be owner only effectively taking away from coach immersion.

This issue comes on top of others like the “invisible kickoff” glitch in which only one team displays on the field during kickoff. Other issues include the final score glitch and receiving an L in offline leagues, head to head desyncs and among many others. These bugs, specifically for Madden, have been the norm for the most recent 3-4 iterations. So many avid players are used to it and brush off any day 1 bugs when assessing the game. The era of live update games has instilled a feeling of “that’s okay they’ll fix it” mentality and frankly it needs to stop.

Madden players created a mini movement last year dubbed #fixmaddenfranchise and it seemed they listened adding in a bunch of new features. However, features aside, if franchise players can’t even load into a game at times then it isn’t fixed. While, yes, they will fix it it simply goes against the principle of video games releases. One thing should be standard, and that’s the game should be playable. Yet, because of this glitch it’s not.

For now, working around this glitch is fairly simple. It only requires the league to be owners only. If the league has already began, simply have the users retire from the league and select “create new character,” and select an owner when creating a new character. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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Josh Loftis
Josh Loftis
4 months ago

Plus when I was creating my owner it would not even expect my name in the name box

Josh Loftis
Josh Loftis
4 months ago

That doesn’t work