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Madden 22 Cover and Release Date Revealed by ESPN

The Madden 22 cover and release date have been revealed thanks to an early leak on ESPN.

Officially scheduled to be revealed at 10am Thursday morning, the ESPN app started having advertisements overnight showing this year’s cover. Gracing this year’s edition of Madden are none other than Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback (QB) Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

Madden 22 cover

Madden 22 will release on August 20, though preordering the game will get you three days early access starting August 17. Of course, you’ll be able to play it even earlier if you subscribe to EA Play. Members of the monthly service often get a 10-hour trial a week before the game’s release.

Based on the early reveal, Madden 22 will have multiple editions as the base cover and an MVP edition have been shown.

Madden 22 release date

As far as other details for the game like a beta or any pre-order bonuses, fans will likely have to wait until the actual reveal from EA Sports itself.

Developing story…

What do you think about the Madden 22 cover? Let us know in the comment section below and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more.

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10 months ago

Looks awesome. Let’s be real here if the “cover athlete” was based on the best player I’d be Brady and Mahomes every year. I really like the idea of 2 cover athletes, as a matter of fact why not have 3 or 4? One for Xbox one for Ps4 one for PS5 one for XB Series X, one MVP and one Standard. It would honestly only increase sales because if you had 4 different teams represented there would more people who’d be interested. Have a RB, QB, WR and DL all be cover athletes in different versions. If you get the cover athlete “wrong” (One athlete) there will be a bunch of people who won’t buy it, I don’t see why not. Or have a multiple players from the same team on the cover (Buccaneers Defense for example). At least do that or make a generic cover like with Collinsworth and Al Michaels on it.

Cory Stoddard
11 months ago

Don’t like it. Should be one player on Madden covers.