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Madden 22 Latest Patch Addresses Crashes, RPO Glitch and More

After dropping the biggest update of the Madden season, EA devs slipped in another small patch on Friday. There are no official “Gridiron Notes” for the update. However, the Madden 22 team did post a small batch of notes to EA Answers HQ for what the next gen update cleans up (or at least attempts to). See what they had to say below.

Madden 22 Patch 1.007 Notes

  • Addressed an issue where players were experiencing crashing when selecting certain formations
  • Addressed an issue for Custom Playbooks being used in Online Head-to-Head modes
  • Players will no longer be able to Pump Fake on RPO plays to cancel the handoff action between the QB and the Running Back
  • Addressed an issue where players would get stuck in pre-play after doing certain Hot Routes quickly

The title update is now live on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Madden 22 Scouting Update and Other Key Highlights

The micropatch follows up the long awaited (and long overdue) scouting update to Franchise mode. The hefty update also touched on broken pass coverage, player likenesses, and Dynamic Gameday. Here are some of the key highlights:

Franchise Updates

  • New Scouting Update Available. Be sure to check out our Scouting Update Deep Dive Gridiron Notes
  • Tuned the logic for the MVP award via boosting weight of sacks, greater emphasis on touchdowns, and more significant penalty for turnovers
  • Fix to some teams missing their draft picks on the active/preseason roster
  • Addressed an issue with Weekly Strategy fatigue where CPU/auto manage rep teams get too fatigued by the end of the season
  • Addressed an issue where running backs had very high yards-per-reception in simulation
  • Fixed an issue where the right tackle position did not appear in the trade menus.

Madden 22 Pass Coverage

  • Hook Zones: Fixed an issue causing the Mid-Read defender in Tampa 2 to drift the wrong direction vs. trips, leaving the TE open off the snap. This fix makes sure the Mid Read is opening with that vertical by #3 and carrying it better vertically downfield.
  • Curl-Flat Zones: Improved Curl Flat Zone logic so they would prioritize out breaking routes instead of shading under verticals. Also improved some logic so Curl Flats and Quarters Flats won’t chuck out breaking routes that were causing them to give up any leverage they had to cover the sideline.
  • Flat Zones: Improved Cloud Flat Zone logic to better carry vertical routes to protect the fade and improve their facing direction immediately following the chuck. Fixed an issue so Cover 2 Sink soft-squat defenders could better shade receivers in the flat. Fixed an issue preventing Hard-Flat defenders from covering Inside Receivers and Tight Ends in Bunch and Close formations running Flat Routes and the flat portion of wheel routes.
  • Man Coverage Alignment/Matchups: Improved Man Defender motion logic so man defenders will properly follow and align when their receiver motions across the formation when the AI team is using the CB Matchups. We fixed an issue causing man-coverage assignments to incorrectly swap when the offense motioned a receiver across the formation.

Player Likeness Updates

New likeness added for the following players:

    • Brandon Aiyuk
    • Ja’Marr Chase
    • Caleb Farley
    • C.J. Henderson
    • Darnay Holmes
    • Jaycee Horn
    • Javon Kinlaw
    • Trey Lance
    • John Johnson III
    • Dalton Schultz
    • Gerald Everett
    • Xavier McKinney
    • Sean Murphy-Bunting
    • Kenneth Murray Jr
    • Michael Pittman Jr
    • Patrick Queen
    • Trey Sermon
    • Laviska Shenault Jr
    • DeVonta Smith
    • Patrick Surtain II
    • Kadarius Toney
    • Jaylen Waddle
    • Antoine Winfield Jr
    • Rock Ya-Sin

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