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Madden 22 ratings

Madden 22 Lowest Rated Players

As the Madden 22 ratings continue to be unveiled, we’ve seen highest rated rookies, best receivers and more. Along with all of those highly rated players, we’ve now seen the NFL’s lowest rated players.

Madden 22 Lowest Rated Players

In no surprise, all of the lowest rated players in Madden 22 are long-snappers. They don’t have a designated position in game, so they’re just listed as tight ends, which in turn gives them a rating around 25-30. They aren’t a flashy position, by any means, nor are they a very coveted position, but they still get paid millions to snap a ball on special teams. They are a viable part of an NFL team, so in turn they should be viable on the virtual gridiron.

There’s also a depth-chart position for long snappers, so giving long snappers an actual position makes sense. Long snappers will never be used in a franchise, nor will never see a good Madden Ultimate Team card. Professional level players go unused in a video game depicting the sport they play and that’s a problem.

Long snappers, for the history of the NFL, have been a useful pieces to teams. Even so much, teams have had to replace long snappers in playoffs or before big games to ensure no issues arise on special teams. They are key pieces of NFL rosters and that should transfer to Madden 22 as well.

I’m not here to tell Madden 22 developers how to do their jobs, nor am I here to nit pick after all of the changes they have made. I’m here to tell you: long snappers matter!

Let us know in the comments below if you feel the same. Also are there any other positions you feel are being left out?

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