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Madden 22 Scouting Update Won’t Be Available in Existing Leagues

After waiting nearly a decade for updates to Madden‘s franchise mode, franchise gamers may want to wait a bit longer. Two hashtags and a 0.2 user score later, EA came into Madden 22 with a renewed focus on its most neglected mode. The updates to the mode in this year’s game include the long-awaited return of coaching staff (though not fully licensed) as well as, weekly strategy, press conferences, and a revamped scouting system in Madden 22.

Madden 22 scouting

However, the new scouting won’t be available at launch. There is no concrete date for when the update will arrive. But, Madden 22 devs are “targeting September.” Additionally, there’s further confirmation that new scouting cannot be added to existing leagues. The info comes courtesy of Madden Franchise Designer Andre Weingarten.

EA also said as much in its Franchise Deep Dive back in June.

“Since Scouting is a significant structural overhaul and fundamental piece of the Franchise experience, there will be a Live Service update targeted for September. This will require players to restart their Franchise in Madden NFL 22 after downloading the Title Update.”

Obviously this is disappointing for the franchise folks out there. Scouting is the lifeblood of the mode, and what helps keep it going. We also know how EA can be when it comes to its live service updates. That said, EA likely wants to get its scouting system in order before the launch of its College Football series. So hopefully, that will light the fire needed to get its football titles back to where they used to be, at the top of sports gaming.

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