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Madden 22 Title Update 1.02 Patch Notes

Title update 1.02 has arrived for Madden 22. The update is rolling out on all platforms and touches on some major issues found during the game’s pre-release trial period. Check out the patch notes for Title Update 1.02 below.

Madden 22 X-Factor

Madden 22 Title Update 1.02 Patch Notes

While no official EA patch notes were posted for Madden 22, we do know that the small update addresses the following:

  • Defense not covering streak routes correctly resulting in possible exploits
  • Uncoverable wheel route on RPO’s
  • Tackle animation warping ball carriers into same animation as tackler
  • General animation issues reported by several reviewers
  • Pause De-sync on PC – When a PC player pauses the game in online head-to-head the game de-syncs
  • Abilities set by players not working in Play A Friend and Salary Cap – PAF is required for competitive gaming
  • Visual glitch issues around Nike shoes in Face of the Franchise

EA Sports chose to extend the Madden 22 Early Access Trial for Xbox gamers after a number of users reported not receiving the full 10 hours promised by the company. The dev team shared a statement and workaround for Xbox consoles. However, PlayStation issues were not addressed at all by the company.

Madden 22 Review


Our Mike Straw reviewed Madden 22 recently. Here’s a little piece of his gameplay breakdown:

“Two Man Under and Cover 1 against streaks are both automatic big plays or touchdowns if your opponent has a smidge of speed on the outside because safeties are so laughably bad — I’ll get to more on this in a second — that they act as if they forgot what assignment they had and start to freestyle towards the middle of the field. So because of the huge issues with man, I can see many favoring zone defense until they at least fix the terrible safety play whenever they have a deep blue assignment.

Now playing zone… (sigh) Playing zone hasn’t been great either — maybe it’s engage eight’s time to shine!”

For more Madden news be sure to stick with us at Sports Gamers Online. Also, make sure you check out Mike’s review on YouTube. If you like what we’re doing here at SGO, consider becoming an insider.

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