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Madden 22 X-Factors

Madden 22 Quarterback X-Factors Revealed

It is X-factor week for Madden 22 and today, Madden just revealed the first set of x-factor abilities for quarterbacks.

X-factors made their debut in Madden 20, giving world-class talent with world-class abilities. The abilities match their real-life counterparts and can be achieved by performing certain tasks in-game. There have been certain tweaks to X-factor abilities and now players can check X-factors for five of to quarterbacks in Madden 22.

First Reveal of Madden 22 X-Factors


Bazooka for Mahomes

We are kicking off the X-Factors with Bazooka, the ability of Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. To put it simply, he is a gunslinger. When he is in the zone, Mahomes’ max throwing distance increases, to 83 yards total. This is a slight increase from 80 in Madden 21. To trigger it, Mahomes just needs one completed pass of 30+ yards. However, to shut it down, players will need to sack Mahomes.

Blitz Radar

See the blitz with Russell Wilson

Next, we have Blitz Radar, the X-Factor ability of Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson can see the blitz before it happens. When in the zone, all blitzing linebackers and defensive backs are highlighted. He activates it by scrambling three times for 10+ yards. It shuts down by getting sacked twice.


Take Risks with Rodgers

This is the ability of the reigning MVP, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. When active, Rodgers won’t be intercepted by AI defenders, and his passing speed increases. To trigger it, Rodgers must complete three consecutive passes of five or more yards. It deactivates after two incompletions.

Pro Reads

Madden 22 X-Factor
Dissect the defense with Pro Reads

Next, we have Pro Reads. This is the X-Factor ability of seven-time Superbowl winner Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When in the zone, Brady can dissect the defense by highlighting the first open receiver, ignoring the pressure from the defense. Three consecutive completions of five or more yards will activate this ability. It deactivates if defense manages to sack Brady.


Truzz with Lamar Jackson

Last but certainly not least is Truzz. This is the ability of Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. Making its debut in Madden 21, and return in Madden 22, Truzz ensures the protection of the football. When activated, Jackson won’t fumble from any hit he receives. To activate it, Jackson needs five carries for one or more yards. A tackle for a loss shuts him down. 

Madden 22 X-Factor Week

This is X-factor week, so as the week progresses, Madden 22 will reveal more X-Factors abilities. Let us know down below what you are excited about.   

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