Madden 23 Beta Feedback Leads to Gameplay Changes

Players got their hands on the Madden 23 Beta ahead of the game’s full launch in August. To no one’s surprise, the community had loads of feedback for EA to filter through. The more detailed the feedback was, the more likely the team at EA Tiburon would focus on those issues. With that said, below are a few issues that will be addressed post-beta. 

Madden 23 Beta Feedback

Gameplay Feedback

Face of the Franchise & The Yard Feedback 

The developers addressed tattoos coming to the game and suggested that it’s on their roadmap for future iterations. For the complete list of the beta feedback, you can check it out here. 

Did you play the Madden 23 beta? What do you think about this year’s game? Let us know in the comments. Madden 23 will release worldwide on August 19. 

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