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Madden 23 Franchise Mode Updates

Madden 23 Closed Beta Details

A new set of Madden 23 Gridiron Notes covers details on the upcoming closed beta. The goal is to collect feedback to continuously update Madden 23 in hopes of making it the best Madden experience. You can check out the full notes on the beta below.

Madden 23 Closed Beta

When participating in the Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta, players are asked to refrain from recording, streaming and/or capturing any portion of the closed beta. Doing so will result in removal from the closed beta as well as complete bans on all Madden NFL accounts.

How To Download the Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta

To Download Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta to your console, please follow the instructions below:

To Download on PlayStation:

  • Use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account on PSN™.
  • Select the PlayStation®Store icon on the system home screen.
  • Select Redeem Codes at the bottom of the menu on the PlayStation®Store.
  • Enter the code and get ready to play.

To Download on Xbox:

  • Go to Games under Store.
  • Select Use a Code.
  • Sign in if prompted.
  • Select or enter the 25-character code and get ready to play.

Madden 23 Closed Beta known issues

We’ll be adding to this list as different game modes unlock during the closed beta. Be sure to check back here and stay updated before giving feedback.

Known Issues with Gameplay

  • Mid-Air collisions at the catch point not triggering frequently enough
  • Man Coverage defenders frequently play fakeout animations when covering Curl and Comeback routes
  • HB Slip Screen does not work appropriately due to the RB delay being too long
  • Aggressive catch mechanic doesn’t respect player-input in some specific situations
  • Player ratings impact to Skill Based Passing is not final
  • Skill based passing Reticle snaps back when the user releases LT so the user is unable to place it and leave it
  • Underneath Zone defenders are breaking too quickly on intermediate and deep routes
  • Pass Rush Non-Engaged Super Win animations are triggering too frequently on All Pro and All Madden
  • Sometimes Catches do not sync up appropriately when throwing to Tight Ends on Flat routes
  • Defenders in play ball situations sometimes obstruct the receiver from getting to the ball and do not make a play on the ball
  • Running backs sometimes get caught up in the line when going out on a route and do not play an avoidance or a Chip block animation

Note: The NFL Player and Rookie Ratings throughout the Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta have been scrambled and are not final.

Giving feedback during the beta

We wanted to share a few best practices to keep in mind when coming across issues or giving feedback in general. Please keep in mind the more detailed information you can provide when reporting issues, the better our team can address them.

Below are some questions to think about when reporting an issue or providing feedback:

  • What platform are you playing on?
  • Where specifically did you see the issue?
    • The following details are extremely important:
      • Game Mode
      • Game Style (Arcade, Simulation, Competitive)
      • Game Difficulty
      • Teams Used
      • Playbook Used
      • Play call – If a specific play is not applicable, what kind of playcall are you seeing? (e.g. Screen, Play Action, Outside Run, Inside Run, etc.)
      • Any adjustments used during the play?
      • If applicable, what buttons did you press?
  • If you’re playing Franchise, are you playing an offline or online Franchise file?
  • Were you doing anything specific in-game? Is this a repeatable issue?
  • What did you do prior to identifying an issue?
  • What game settings are you using? Did you change any settings at any point?
  • Have you seen the issue before?

Please be sure to submit all feedback on the Madden Voice website.

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