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Madden Challenge 2017 – Live Finals Winner Crowned

Madden Challenge 2017

Madden Challenge 2017

Madden Challenge 2017 is the third event in the EA Major Series. This event features over 270 competitors as well as four tournament brackets to narrow it down to one final winner. The Madden Challenge works in conjunction with the third online season for Madden NFL 17 to determine the qualifiers. You can find the official rules and competition layout on the EA Sports website. Furthermore, players compete in Madden Challenge using the Madden Ultimate Team: Draft Champions Ranked game mode.

Making It To Los Angeles

The entirety of the live finals ran from March 31 through April 2 in Burbank, California. Much like the Madden Bowl, 16 competitors took place in group bouts to narrow down the competition to eight players for the April 2 finals bracket. Below are the group stage breakdowns. The highlighted names would go on to make up the final eight for April 2.

Madden Challenge Group Stage

Live Finals and Crowning A Champion

During the tournament, we saw young favorites like Trueboy and live newcomers like BeastModeMac show why they deserve to compete. In the final round, the iconic Skimbo would compete against live newcomer BeastModeMac in what would be a final aggressive stalemate.

The finals would not a be high scoring bout like Skimbo’s previous match ups. Mac would lay down solid defense that would see him to fourth quarter with a one touchdown lead. Two late game turnovers for Skimbo would put Mac in control of the ball with less than two minutes to spare. In addition to having only one timeout left, Skimbo would have to plan a miracle as Mac implemented QB kneels to keep the clock running. At 15 seconds remaining, Skimbo used his final timeout as Mac punted the placing Skimbo at the seven yard line. With 93 yards to go, Skimbo looked for a deep pass down the sideline; although the pass was completed, he would be taken down just short of the out-of-bounds marker allowing the clock to finally hit zero. At 16 – 10, BeastModeMac is your Madden Challenge 17 champion, winning $50,000, the championship belt and 1,000 series points. You can watch the final bout in its entirety from Youtube. Man, let’s go!

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