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Madden Challenge: Preview, Predictions and How to Watch


The Madden Challenge, the third of EA Sports’ four major esports tournaments for Madden NFL 19, kicks off today. This weekend, 16 of the best Madden players in the world will battle for a share of $190,000 in prize money. Some of the most popular names in Madden are playing, including Pavan, Drini, Spoto, Gos, Kiv, Canes and more. The tournament will be held at EA Sports’ headquarters in Redwood City, California. Below is a full breakdown of this weekend’s tournament.

Madden 19 Challenge Finalists and Bracket

Below are the 16 finalists for the Madden Challenge.


Each player will battle within their four-man group to begin the tournament. From there, seeding will be determined to crown is a champion. Below is the Madden Challenge bracket.


Group Stage Matchups to Watch

Pavan vs. BeastModeMac (Group A) – Pavan is the reigning champion, having won the Madden Club Championship a little over a month ago. He looked unbeatable, comfortably running the table without having a tight game. BeastModeMac is the best candidate in Group A to change that.

Boogz vs. Canes (Group B) – Boogz is a competitive Madden veteran who breaks through to a live event for the first time in Madden 19. Can he upend Canes, a fellow vet and the Group B favorite?

Drini vs. Gos (Group C) – This is a rivalry matchup, and by far the most entertaining matchup of the group stage. Gos has had Drini’s number back-to-back years in the Club Championship. Can Drini finally get past Gos?

Kiv vs. Crush (Group D) – Crush, winner of the Bengals club, has quietly been one of the most consistent competitive players in Madden 19. He and Kiv should give viewers the best game of Group D pool play.


Final Four: Pavan, Drini, Gos, Kiv

While Madden 19 has proved to be the most difficult Madden to play at a consistently elite level, the cream still rises to the top. These four players are the best this tournament has to offer, and would also give viewers a dream scenario in the semifinals.

Finals: Pavan vs. Gos

Pavan didn’t come close to losing just over a month ago one of Madden’s biggest live events. There just isn’t a way he doesn’t find himself back in the finals. Gos has been a top five player on the Madden competitive scene for two years, and always has a unique scheme on both sides of the ball.

Champion: Gos

Gos is going to get a belt in Madden 19. Why not the Madden Challenge? He’s consistent and unique, two things that can’t be universally said about even the very best in competitive Madden.

How and Where to Watch

The tournament will be live at 3 p.m. EST on each day from March 15 through March 17. Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook will all be broadcasting, giving fans endless ways to watch. Below is are the links for the various broadcast locations.

Each of the 16 Madden Challenge finalists have already earned a minimum of $5,000 each. The overall champion will take home $35,000. The payout structure is so that it rewards each person in the field of 16, win or lose, while still giving the biggest payouts to the finalists. A full breakdown of the payouts is below.

You can read more about the Madden 19 Challenge here.

What did you think of the Madden 19 Challenge bracket? Who are you picking to win the whole tournament? Will you be watching this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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