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Madden Mobile – Coin Glitch Update

The Day That Went Down in Infamy

On September 25, 2015, Madden NFL Mobile made perhaps the biggest mistake that had ever been made before. The Auction House broke, literally broke. When a user’s auctions sold, they’re coins would literally double, maxing out at a high price of 2 Billion coins. In response to this, Madden Mobile went into “maintenance mode” for roughly seven hours to fix the issue.

The After Effects

Though many user’s coins were reset to their original value, many users still have upwards of a couple million more coins than before. Not only did this lead to turmoil in user morale, but it also created a market inflation. For example, 87 Arian Foster went for roughly 55,000 coins before the coin glitch, however afterwards, Arian is going for about 110,000 Coins.


Despite having large amounts of coins is enjoyable and fun, it inevitably leads to market inflation, as shown by the Arian Foster example. In the long run, Madden Mobile isn’t affected too much by “Coin Armageddon”  – simply because the market prices will begin to go down again – but it exemplifies the vulnerabilities that the new Madden Mobile server system may have.

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