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Madden NFL 16 Offensive Tips: Gun Split Slot – PA Eagles Wheel

Madden16 Tips PA Eagles Wheel_Sam_Bradford

Ever feel like you need a play on 3rd down that just works? Well I have your answer and it comes in the Eagles Playbook in the Split Slot formation. My favourite thing about this play is that there are no adjustments you simply just call the play stock and let it do wonders for you.

Playbook: Philadelphia Eagles

Formation: Gun Split Slot

Play: PA Eagles Wheel


1st Read- Square (X on Xbox)
The Square route is the money route on this play simply just wait tell just after he makes his final break and pass lead accordingly. He will almost always beat straight man and has a tendency to get open against zone as well. This is the route that will be able to get you out of sticky situations if used properly.

2nd Read- Circle (B on Xbox)
With the different types of catching and enhanced pass leading features drag routes are at a all time premium. If you don’t see X open you will almost always have the drag vs Zone just be sure to avoid the linebackers as they have a tendency to jump balls this year.

3rd Read- X (A on Xbox)
If all else fails the X receiver has a nice speed cut that will get open from time to time. Watch the linebackers and if they take a step down you will be able to hit him in the middle of the field.

I hope you guys can utilize this play into your offence as it is one of my favourites this year. Don’t run it too much however or else you will get picked off just like anything else, save it for a must convert situation! Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and check SGO daily for more FREE Madden NFL 16 Tips!

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