Feb 22, 2021
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Madden NFL 16 Offensive Playbooks


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Madden NFL 16 Playbooks Breakdown

Most Offensive Formations: 32 (Washington Redskins)
Fewest Offensive Formations: 23 (Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions)
Most Under Center Formations: 21 (Baltimore Ravens) – 72%
Most Shotgun/Pistol Formations: 24 (Philadelphia Eagles) – 80%

Teams With 30 or More Offensive Formations: 6 (Arizona, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tennessee, Washington)
Teams With 25 or Fewer Formations: 8 (Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Green Bay, Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Tampa Bay
Teams With 55% or More Under Center Formations: 4 (Arizona, Baltimore, Indianapolis, St. Louis)
Teams with 60% or More Shotgun/Pistol Formations: 6 (Carolina, Denver, Miami, Oakland, Philadelphia, Seattle)
Teams With 70% or More Shotgun/Pistol Formations: 3 (Miami, Oakland, Philadelphia)

Most Singleback Formations: 11 (Arizona Cardinals)
Most I-Form/Strong/Weak Formations: 12 (St. Louis Rams)
Most Gun Formations: 23 (Philadelphia Eagles)

Avg. Singleback Formations Per Team: 6.75
Avg. I-Form/Strong/Weak Formations Per Team: 5.72
Avg. Gun/Pistol Formations Per Team: 14.75

Special thanks to PX1 Sports Gaming for putting this data together.

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