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Madden NFL 16 Q & A – Part 2

madden_16_question_answer PART2
Welcome back Sports Gamers it’s The Natural with the second episode of Madden NFL 16 Question and Answer. Where I answer your burning madden questions as well as any other you have for us! We received great news the other day that Madden team over at Tiburon will field some of your questions that I send to them for a developer so stay tuned! Without further adieu let’s get into Q & A Part II
Frederik Ramm – Is there a practice squad in CFM?

Yes, practice mode has been added into CFM this year. Checkout our interview with Kolbe Launchbaugh on the channel for more details on the new features and improvements in CFM.

victor steele Can you play the pro bowl this year?

That has not been announced but I do not believe that is a feature that will make it in this year. If this changes we will be the 1st to let you know!

hxctrance  can you play this mode [draft champions] offline with a friend on your couch? There is an offline mode where you can play the CPU but I am not sure if there is on offline H2H mode.

Bobby Moore any info on create a team or team relocation and create a player
No Bobby we don’t haven’t gotten any info on that as this time. But make sure you checkout our Madden 16 top 10 behind the scenes new features video which does feature a ton of new things no one else has posted about yet.

9arr3tt I’m glad u are not doing paid for e books because I suck at madden and don’t wanna pay for a e book. So are players like Brandon Browner gonna be bad to use because he commits a lot of penalties? And will the penalties affect the people that run the same plays more?

No ebooks here man! All of our Madden tips as well as any of the tips provide for games like NBA2k, mlb the show or any other game are 100% free. Checkout the site at for free tips that we have up now. Onto your question…players who commit more  penalties in real life will do so in game. People who run the same plays will be affected by the adaptive defense AI what will play better vs people who run the same plays over and over.

David Pham How was the trucking man? This is the factor if I buy the game or not.
The Trucking in Madden 16 is great, with the new organic tackling running backs don’t go down with just brushing up against someone or fall easily from arm tackles…you gotta wrap up in Madden 16!

360 yes scopes for vishnu did they remove that little bounce your RB did if they got too close to an O lineman while going through a hole?
RBs still automatically adjust to the linemen if you run into the back of them but also can “squeeze” through small running lanes now if you hold the R1 button.

Supreme Illuminator how does it compare with 15 in terms of gameplay….is there anything new interesting?

It is a much more polished game than Madden 15 and there are a multitude of improvements to the passing game, WR/DB interaction, defense and AI. Please checkout more videos on the channel for a detailed breakdown of these new features.

Trey Ridgill What happens with the penalty changes in MUT and Draft Champions? Do they combine the traits of all of your players or is it something else?

Penalties have been reworked across the board so you should see an increase in penalties in all of the modes.

Davon Johnson  Do you think this year, Madden will be a more competitive game on the defense side of the ball; Since they eliminated or toned down most problems in last year version.. do you think this year, solid Defense will show in play-calling and user ability?
Yes and but it depends. I think people who are strong user defenders will have success playing defense with the new features like being able to play the WR to knock the ball out and improved play vs scrambling QBs. But people who don’t click on our user defend may struggle against the new aggressive catches and QB back shoulder throws.

Terrance Barbee Don’t miss the coin toss or chain crew? Wow, ok. I assume you’re more casual than sim….

Well Mr.Barbee you know what they say about ASSuming. I’m actually a former competitive madden player who has won a madden challenge and various other  tournaments, most recently the League Crawler Tribute tournament..  I currently play in many of our sim and money leagues like the NSFL, ASFL and JFF having won superbowls in each as well as several other leagues on other sites like Operation Sports and Madden School. While the extra “bells and whistles” like the chain crew and latest Nike socks are great I simply care more about focusing on improving the gameplay aspects of the game but thanks for your comments!

That’s it for this episode fellas so hit that like button if you liked this video and subscribe for more Madden 16 content. Keep the questions that I am not able to answer will be answered by the developers so keep them coming!



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