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Madden 17 Franchise New Features: Gameplanning

Always be prepared for whatever they can throw at you. In Madden 17, when you know your upcoming opponent’s tendencies, gameplanning offers you exciting and in-depth strategic opportunities to counter their strengths and exploit their weaknesses. The gameplans you worked on mid-week will affect your team on the field, offering boosts to certain plays, and helping you get that vital touchdown or defensive play.

Choosing Your Gameplans

Every week you may choose two gameplans; one for Offence and one for Defence. Before each match, you play in-game drills, which teach you be successful with your chosen gameplan, as well as offering XP and in-game boosts for players that weekend.

In-Game Boosts

Once you’ve practiced up your gameplan and earned the gold medal to maximize your player’s boost for the week, it’s time to jump into the game. Certain plays will be improved, and you will be notified of the ones affected. Any time you call one of these during the match, your players will have improved ratings for the rest of the play.


All of your work on gameplans would be wasted if you didn’t know what the tendencies of your opponent were. Thankfully, both offensive and defensive tendencies are tracked throughout the season, giving you plenty of information to counter them and choose the right gameplan.

Player Focusing

Every week you can select three players to focus on and they will receive extra XP. This can help you quickly grow young players to fill important roles in your team. Initially, at the start of each season, the focus players will be your three highest drafted players, but you can select different players whenever you like in order to best help your team.

Gameplan Strategies

Once you know the basics of gameplans, there are a few different ways to use them, and it’s entirely up to you. You can be reactive, try to nullify your opponent’s strengths and take away their most dangerous weapons. Or you could instead lean on your strengths. Work on plays that make you elite running back even more of a threat. Finally, you could just use the gameplans to harvest extra experience for parts of your team that need it most.

Gameplans are all about giving you that extra boost to grab the win.

Be sure to check back in to Sports Gamers Online for all your Madden 17 needs.

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