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Madden NFL 17: No Franchise Mode Website at Launch

EA Sports has announced that there will be no Franchise Mode website for Madden NFL 17, at least not at launch. The company made the decision early in the development cycle to shift focus away from a Franchise Mode website and towards a Companion App that helps players manage their franchises.

Right now, neither option is available to players, but the Madden development team is working on the Companion App. At the moment, the devs are “exploring possibilities”, which would suggest that they are still relatively far away from anything concrete.

EA Sports released the following letter on their website:

“Hello Madden Fans,

Madden NFL 17’s launch is here and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! Our team works tirelessly throughout the year to produce the highest quality game possible. There’s never a shortage of great ideas and features to improve your overall Madden experience but not all of them are able to be delivered in the same timeframe. That leads us into the topic of how you the players have come to expect to interact with Madden when you’re away from your console…

Early on during our development cycle, the team decided that we would shift our focus from maintaining and supporting the Franchise Mode website in favor of developing a Native Mobile Companion App. At launch of Madden NFL 17, there will not be a Franchise Mode website for you to go to and interact with your league. As for a potential Companion App – we are still exploring the possibilities and will be quick to update you as and when information becomes available.

Your voices are being heard and we understand that this will be an inconvenience for some of our most passionate fans.

Thank you for your patience,

Madden Dev Team”

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