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Madden NFL 17 Title Update #1 – Patch Notes

Madden NFL 17 Title Update 1

EA Sports has released Madden NFL 17 Title Update #1. No major content updates or innovations have been included. Instead, the patch focuses on a few technical fixes. Here’s what’s been fixed in this patch:

  • Fixed a gameplay issue where the player on defense could tell if the opponent was going to run or pass
  • Client-side fix for the bug where you could see ratings of the upcoming draft class prior to the draft (server fix already applied to Cloud Franchises)
  • Reduce the amount of strip-tackle attempts made by the CPU
  • Fixed a major desync which was happening when a user went from Skills Trainer to Online (happened fairly often after the new-user flow)
  • No passing icons on PA, Force defender tuning, nano detection system tuning, users not getting stamina penalty when meter depleted
  • Force defenders not dropping back vs. run when in zone coverage; Play Action desync; Fumble frequency in MUT solos.
  • Lots of high priority gameplay fixes that includes:
  • Stripping the Ball from behind the ball carrier is overpowered – We found a bug where the defender was getting multiple rolls at causing a fumble per animation
  • Occasionally on Play-Action passes, the user would be unable to throw the ball
  • Play-Action Pass Desync Online Head to Head Desync
  • MUT Online – Fixed an issue with Cowboys uniforms that could result in a ‘white on white’ situation
  • Acquisitions Screen showing rookie/free agent ratings before the draft – fixed
  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the Guantlet after making an interception in the Big Man Rumble challenge
  • Occasionally, users were triggering ‘Nano Detection’ when successfully using the ‘Off the Line Mechanic’ on RT as a pass rusher
  • Occasionally, users would lose all pre-play functionality when selecting a defensive linemen while breaking the huddle
  • Occasionally, user would see defensive plays disappear in the playbook screen after selecting an audible during the previous play
  • Fumbles occurring too frequently in MUT solos where the CPU-controlled team started with the lead
  • Force Players will be better at containing the edge once they get engaged
  • Force player will be faster in breaking out of Read and React and into Force
  • Cover 1 plays were sometimes not aligning to Trips formations correctly
  • Occasionally, offensive linemen would run to the end zone and not block when running no huddle repeatedly in Draft Champions.
  • When Force players on the playside of any non-counter runs had a zone coverage assignment, they would drop back into coverage at the snap – this has been fixed
  • Fixed a Crash in Franchise mode that would sometimes occur in Franchise mode Practice during goal completion

According to GameSpot, Madden’s creative director Rex Dickson said that a bigger update for Madden NFL 17 is coming soon, and it will include “hundreds” of fixes. Dickson said this during a Twitch livestream this morning.

Remember SGO has you covered for all things Madden 17.

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