Feb 19, 2021
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Madden NFL 17 Update 9 – Details Released

Madden 19 Antonio Brown

EA has released the details for the “Madden NFL 17 Update 9” patch via Facebook. Most of the update improves features within Madden Ultimate Team with only a few fixes for game exploits. You can see the details below:

Madden NFL 17 Update 9 Patch Details:

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)
· Added a new tile to MUT Seasons that displays your Season progress including past opponents and scores.
· Added Playoff presentation and night games to MUT Seasons.
· Added visual feedback whenever certain chemistry abilities are used in MUT.
· Addressed a bug that would not show you the low contract flow when exiting a MUT Seasons game.
· Fixed an exploit that would let users block field goals at a high rate.
· Added user presentation banners that display whenever a successful skill move is performed.

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