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Madden NFL 17 Tips: How to Beat Cover 2 Invert

madden nfl 17 tips how to beat cover 2 invert

Welcome back sports gamers its the natural. Wanted to bring you guys a few tips today to beat cover 2 invert. It’s one of the most used defensive schemes in madden 17 as it’s great vs the run since most times it allows you to have 8 in the box while still having adequate coverage deep.

The best ways to beat cover 2 invert is to attack deep down the middle of the field or using deep corner routes in a high low read. Most of the time people user the free safety in the invert coverage so they will take away the deep pass to the middle so let’s take a look at the second option and a few plays that will beat invert for big gains. Be sure to checkout the video above for a detailed walkthrough.

Madden 17 TE Slots Angle

Formation: Singleback-Tight Slots

Play Name: TE Angle

Notes: You have the corner route and the streak as the main options, then we have the underneath drag by the B Receiver (Circle on PS4) that will pull down the coverage to make room for the post corner route that gets the big yards against Cover 2 Invert. Now it doesn’t have to specifically be a drag, you can hot route to a slant that can affect the underneath coverage even more so as he’s now aiming more up the field. Or, if the defender ignores the bait you can take the easy yard’s underneath.

Now, what if you just went “well, I don’t have TE Angle in my book” no worries. What I want to show you is concepts, so you can apply them to more than one specific play.

Madden 17 TE Slots Bench

Play Name: Bench

Notes: Streak the left side tight end and slant the right side tight end, and it creates the same effect. The edge underneath defender must choose between the Hi and Lo receivers to his side and your job like before is to make sure he’s always wrong. And since bench is a common play across playbooks, this will always be in your back pocket. Remember, it’s not about money plays, but more so understanding the concepts that you can apply across different plays.

Madden 17 Shotgun PA Cross

Formation: Gun Snugs

Play Name: PA Pitt Cross

Notes: You can run this with or without the play action. What’s great about this play is it’s already set up how we want it, with the hi-lo read of the drag coming across the field and the post corner route. Now the thing about the drag in this play is if you throw it to him in mid stride he can turn up the field and blow by his nearest defender (who in a Cover 2 Invert is usually a linebacker) for more yards.

Now… let’s say you’re not a big passing guy. You favor more of the under-center type of offense. No worries!

Madden 17 PA WR In

Formation: I Form Pro

Play Name: Pa WR In

Notes: PA WR IN is another staple play in playbooks. Let’s say a guy is creeping up on your run game with the safety. You hot route the tight end on a slant to give the already aggressive user defender a little bait to keep him near the line when you do pass, and then you’ve just sneaked the post route right behind him for a big gain.

Madden 17 Smash

Formation: Singleback/Pistol Y Trips

Play Name: Smash

Notes: Now unlike the first 2 plays that had the opposite field drag affecting the underneath coverage. This play has the short hitch on the same side as the post corner doing that job, resulting in more immediate results. You can even hot route the backside receiver on a slant to give you another option underneath, while maintaining the original concept. And lastly, if the post corner and hitch are defended well by the underneath defender and cornerback, you have the tight end streaking down the middle for a big gain. You want to get into a chess game with your opponent, you want backup option when your best stuff are taken away. What makes these plays awesome is they also work vs a lot of other coverages as well.

So I hope you enjoyed these tips, hit the lab and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more Madden NFL 17 Tips!

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