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Madden NFL 17 Tips: How to Return Punts for Touchdowns

madden nfl 17 tips return punts for touchdowns

Here is the best way to return punts for touchdowns in Madden NFL 17. First off you want to start off with a speedy return man. I’ve had great success with guys at least over 92 speed with 90 plus acceleration. You want to choose return middle as your play.

The first thing you want to do is to control one of the outside rushers who are standing up and pull him back off the line of scrimmage. you can do this before or after the snap, whichever works for you.

The key is to the run back with your blocker, BUT right before the screen flips you will have to change the direction you are pushing on the controller. So initially as you run back you will be pressing up on the directional pad or analog but just before the screen flips you will have to press DOWN to keep running backwards.

Next you want to pull your blocker outside to the wide side of the field and be the furthest man to the outside. Your goal is to have him block the defender on the outside which will give you an open sideline for your return.

When you catch the ball as the returner run straight ahead towards your blockers and then break to the outside, and if done correctly your blocker will pick off the outside guy allowing you to break into the open. Checkout the video above for more details on how to do this successfully.

Hopefully this tip helped you improve your special teams in Madden NFL 17. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube and support us on Patreon if you enjoy our content.

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