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Madden NFL 17 Top 10 Sleeper QBs

madden 17 top 10 QB sleepers

Welcome to Year 2 of our Madden NFL Sleeper series, where we go through each position and highlight the players that aren’t in the upper echelon of their position or the highly touted draft pick, but young buildable under the radar players, who could potentially end up leading your team. Today we start with the quarterbacks, let’s get to it!

10. Jeff Driskel

  • 23 Years Old
  • 66 Overall
  • 85 Speed
  • 91 Throw Power
  • 77 Throw On the Run

His strength is obviously in his running ability, as he has the 4th highest speed rating in the game, added to his slightly above average throw power rating of 91. So Driskel is not the usually fast low rated QB with a boo boo arm. His only weakness is his throwing accuracy stats need to be built up a bit. His short accuracy isn’t terrible, but once we start to look deeper down the field it gets real ugly for him. But being one of the best running QB’s in the game makes the challenge of building up his accuracy worth it.

9. Cardale Jones

  • 23 Years Old
  • 66 Overall
  • 81 Speed
  • 96 Throw Power
  • 84 Throw On the Run

I mean, he has the 3rd highest throw power in the game at a 96 and has 81 speed, need I say more? OK, I will… the only reason he’s not higher on the list is his accuracy is also going to need major work. But his is worse than Driskell’s. I mean, I bet if you combined every quarterbacks short, mid, and deep accuracy he would be bottom 5 easy. But you can’t say he doesn’t have the tools to be a top QB in your franchise with some patience.

8. Cody Kessler

  • 23 Years Old
  • 70 Overall
  • 87 Throw Power
  • 83 Short
  • 79 Mid
  • 74 Deep

Kessler’s red flag is with 87 throw power he has a noodle arm, but has 77 speed with average accuracy ratings at all 3 spots which very few guys at his age have, so at 23 years old he has some nice building block stats to turn into a Chad Pennington type.

7. Kevin Hogan

  • 67 Overall
  • 80 Speed
  • 84 Accel
  • 79 Short
  • 82 Throw On the Run

Hogan is also in the noodle arm club, so off the bat you want to use his athleticism and get him rolling out the pocket to show off that 80 speed and 82 throw on the run combo.

6. Connor Cook

  • 72 Overall
  • 78 Speed
  • 90 Throw Power
  • 80 Mid
  • 80 Throw On the Run

Cook has nice starting points of 78 speed, 90 throw power, 80 mid and 80 throw on the run. The only thing is his short throw accuracy is low to start, but that’s the cheapest of the 3 to get up. So Cook is a pretty balanced young quarterback to build around.

5. Jimmy Garoppolo

  • 72 Overall
  • 90 Throw Power
  • 85 Short
  • 81 Mid
  • 73 Deep

I think he’s going to be on the sleeper list until Brady retires or gets traded. Garropolo is the best pure passer on the list, and his 85 short and 81 mid helps that a lot. He’s not the fastest by any stretch, but if that’s not your game, he’s an excellent cheap target.

4. Dak Prescott

  • 71 Overall
  • 82 Speed
  • 86 Accel
  • 92 Throw Power
  • 83 Throw On the Run

It’s funny, depending on what his rating gets updated to he might rise up the list or off it completely. But Dak as presented, is still one of the best young QB’s in madden. He has 92 arm power and 81 short throw accuracy, so the deep ball and dink and dunk are in play. The only negative is his mid and deep are low to start, but couple the good with his 82 speed and Dak is already nice. I’m scared to see what his updated rating looks like.

3. Jacoby Brissett

  • 70 Overall
  • 94 Throw Power
  • 79 Short
  • 76 Mid
  • 75 Deep

So Patriot fans, you guys have options once Tom Brady retires. Briskett’s 23 years old and has 76 speed, 94 throw power, 75 deep throw, and 82 throw on the run. So he’s a basically a rich man’s Cardale Jones, if that makes any sense. Especially because Jones went to the bigger college, so you might not get as many people checking for Briskett, but don’t be one of those guys.

2. Brett Hundley

  • 70 Overall
  • 85 Speed
  • 87 Accel
  • 91 Throw Power
  • 87 Short

Despite his overall, Hundley is already starter material with his 85 Speed and 87 Short Throw Accuracy. He’s a weird one though, he’s fast but only has 74 throw on the run and has nice short accuracy, but his mid accuracy sucks. So like I said, he can dominate the short passing game out the box, but needs work on other parts of his game which at 23 you’ll have plenty of time to pull it off.

1. Paxton Lynch

  • 73 Overall
  • 79 Speed
  • 84 Accel
  • 93 Throw Power
  • 84 Throw On the Run

He’s the 2nd youngest quarterback in the game at 22. Lynch has average accuracy in all 3 categories and with 79 speed, 93 throw power with 84 throw on the run. He has the best combo of ratings on the list to turn into a stud quarterback to lead your franchise and deserves our spot at #1 on our Top 10 Sleeper Quarterbacks List.

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