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Madden NFL 17 Top 10 Sleeper Safeties

Madden NFL 17 Sleeper Safeties

Welcome back to of our Madden NFL 17 Sleeper series and today we’re going to look at the last line of defense…the safeties.

  1. Dezmen Southward (Free Agent)

25 Years Old
66 Overall
91 Speed
97 Jump
79 Man Coverage

He was recently released, so he’s available. Being a former cornerback, Southward is among the faster safeties in madden, and being 6’2’’ with 97 jump gives you a nice deep pass break up defender. Also his versatility in coverage with 79 man and 75 zone gives you a nice low rated option who will perform above his rating.

  1. Kemal Ishmael (Atlanta Falcons)

25 Years Old
76 Overall
92 Acceleration
71 Catch
75 Zone Coverage

Ishmael isn’t a top notch athlete, so his value is in other places. He has 71 catch, 79 hit power and 66 block shed, so he won’t hurt you when he’s on the field, and is young enough to still build up.

  1. Shamarko Thomas (Pittsburgh Steelers)

25 Years Old
72 Overall
90 Speed
92 Jump
76 Zone Coverage

Thomas is a faster version of Ishmael, but can’t catch. So you’re going to make up a lot of ground user controlling him, but once you get there don’t expect him to do anything with it, at least at first.

  1. Duke Williams (Buffalo Bills)

25 Years Old
75 Overall
88 Speed
83 Hit Power
78 Zone Coverage

Williams also has stone hands, but his average to above average in every other category important to a safety.

  1. Landon Collins (New York Giants)

22 Years Old
77 Overall
88 Speed
90 Hit Power
74 Block Shed

Collins is best used as an in the box safety looking at his numbers. Bad agility, 85 tackle, 90 hit power, 74 block shed and he can’t cover. I mean you can use him deep, but he’s a Kam Chancellor in training.

  1. Miles Killebrew (Detroit Lions)

23 Years Old
68 Overall
70 Catch
89 Hit Power
78 Zone Coverage

If you’re looking for a super low rated hard hitting safety you can’t go wrong with Miles Killebrew. The rookie has 89 hit power, 78 zone coverage and 70 catch, he will make plays on the field for you instantly. Killebrew’s one of those guys whose awareness is so low it kills his overall, so send an offer to whoever has him in your franchise, you will get a steal.

  1. T.J. Green (Indianapolis Colts)

21 Years Old
71 Overall
93 Speed
93 Acceleration
77 Catch

Green is similar to his Southward, in the fact he’s tall and crazy athletic for a safety; so the rookie is a prime candidate to user control and build up. And if you don’t that’s fine to, his 77 zone coverage is great for a 21 year old and after you’ve chased that wide receiver across the field you can lay him out with Green’s 82 hit power.

  1. Shawn Williams (Cincinnati Bengals)

25 Years Old
75 Overall
91 Acceleration
85 Hit Power
78 Block Shed

Look at Williams like a better version of Landon Collins. He’s another big hitter, but his zone coverage isn’t garbage. His play rec is the only rating that isn’t where it needs to be, but that won’t take long to get up into being respectable.

  1. Karl Joseph (Oakland Raiders)

21 Years Old
76 Overall
73 Catch
88 Hit Power
78 Zone Coverage

Joseph can do it all, you can have him play deep and use that 73 catch and 78 zone coverage or play him near the line and abuse people underneath with his 88 hit power. His play rec also is pretty low, but being 21 years old, his will be the cheapest for any player to get up.

  1. Duron Harmon (New England Patriots)

25 Years Old
75 Overall
87 Speed
78 Pursuit
85 Zone Coverage

While Williams is the classic in the box safety, Harmon’s strength is in coverage. He’s one of the best coverage safeties in the whole game, he’s great in man and has one of the best zone ratings in the game, so when you consider he’s 25 and 75 overall you got to get him, and it makes sense why he’s atop Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Sleeper Safety list.

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