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Madden NFL 17 Top 10 WORST Rated Players

Madden 17 Ratings Alex Smith

Each year one of the most hotly debated topics in every sports game is the player ratings. When they are released we debate them and each give our own opinions on what player we will deserves to be at the top of their perspective sport. But sometimes they just get it completely wrong. In our newest series we are going to list Top 10 WORST Ratings for each of the major sports titles….today we start with Madden NFL 17.

10. Robert Quinn (Los Angeles Rams) – 82 Overall

madden-17-Robert-Quinn-12-16 23-37-44
Robert Quinn, one of the most feared pass rushers in the league after having 9 sacks in the last 17 games has dropped all the way down to an 82. Now question is it because he was hurt last year that his rating dropped, or the fact that he only has 4 sacks this year? Because if that’s the case then I have 3-5 players I can bring up that overalls haven’t been hurt nearly as much from either. It’s like as soon as Aaron Donald hit the scene, Robert Quinn got worse and worse and now here we are.

9. Martellus Bennett (New England Patriots) – 89 Overall

Is it the Patriots boost that he’s considered among the elite tight ends in the league? And in the same class as Tyler Eifert, Jordan Reed and Jimmy Graham? Yea I think it’s the Patriots boost. You guys know what I mean a player on a popular team will get a little more love because they figure more players will use that team. Don’t call me crazy I know it’s true..

8. Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals) – 92 Overall

Madden-17-Larry-Fitzgerald-2016-12-16 23-14-05We all love Larry Fitz…we wanted his sprint into the end zone in Super Bowl XLIII to be the game winner, but as far as Madden ratings go no way should he be in the 90+ club anymore. Just look at who he’s surrounded by: OBJ, Dez, Hopkins, AJ Green? I mean no offense to Larry but this isn’t 2008 anymore. I mean he’s averaging under 10 yards a catch this season, Fitzgerald is obviously in a different phase of his career and his rating should reflect that.

7. David Johnson (Arizona Cardinals) – 90 Overall

madden-17-David-Johnson-12-16 23-37-44If you recall the Cardinals wanted Ameer Abdullah in the 2015 NFL Draft, so it really isn’t fair that David Johnson is this good. For the last year and a half they’ve gotten a hybrid between Marshall Faulk, LT, Brian Westbrook and well any back who can do it all. EA should just quit the charade with Johnson and put him a notch below Le’Veon Bell (only because he’s been doing it longer) and call it a day, no one would question it.

6. Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs) – 80 Overall

Madden-17-Alex-Smith-2016-12-16 23-14-05
Yes, he’s captain check down, yes he’s been disappointing when you realize he was the #1 pick and selected over Aaron Rodgers, yes he’s the reason the Giants beat the 49ers in the NFC Title game that’s all true but giving Alex Smith an 80 rating is straight mean. Especially when you see he’s in the company of Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler and Sam Bradford…perennial NFL underachievers. His overall should reflect how good of a job he’s done. This season he’s passed for more yards than Cam Newton and almost has a 70% completion rate, not to mention He’s 39-19 as a starter in KC, yet he’s in the bottom tier of starting QB’s ratings wise.

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the guy that does ratings is a cowboy fan, that’s why cousin gets snubbed n dak rapidly increases…