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Madden NFL 17 Tuning Update Reduces Fumbles

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EA Sports has announced that the effectiveness of the ball-stripping mechanic in Madden NFL 17 will be reduced in an upcoming tuning update. This should lead to fewer fumbles in non-sack situations.

Madden’s creative director, Rex Dickson, who shared the news on Twitter, followed up with another tweet which explained that the change is in response to a bug involving the ball-stripping mechanic.

However, the change won’t affect the fumble probability after taking a sack. If your QB is taken down, there is still a huge risk of losing the ball.

It looks like the change is meant to ensure that there are fewer fumbles in situations where a receiver or ball carrier would most likely protect the ball. The update also fixes an issue where an opponent could see if a player was planning to run or throw a play.

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