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New Formations and Playbook Revealed For Madden NFL 18

New Formations and Playbook

Once again, The Natural is back with more Sports Gamers Online Madden 18 content. This time around, he goes over what you can expect from the new formations and playbook. To get the details, you can watch the YouTube video or continue reading for the breakdown.

New Formations and Playbook

EA Gameplay Designer, Anthony White, leaked many of the new formations added into Madden 18. Based on past experience, this isn’t all of the new formations but it’s the majority of them. If you didn’t know, Madden does not randomly come up with it’s plays each year. Anthony White goes through all 22 coaches’ films for every single team. That includes keeping track of any coaching changes. A change in coaches typically means a change in play schemes. Hence why the 49ers’ playbook under Kyle Shanahan will look completely different than Chip Kelly’s.

In addition to changes in coaching and schemes, all playbooks were fully updated. Also, an entirely new playbook called Spread was added. This is said to be similar to the Chip Kelly playbook from Madden 17 with a few additions.

White’s tweet shows off some of the new forms. If you don’t understand the personnel number, don’t worry. The first digit is number of running backs. The second digit is the number of tight ends. Add the two numbers and subtract from five, you get the number of receivers.

Concerning the formations themselves, the first is the Gun Stack Y Flex. A significant portion of formations added will be of the stack variant. This means a lot of them will feature two wide receivers instead of three.

You can expect a full breakdown of the new formations and spread playbook in the near future. Hopefully this will come before the launch to give you guys a head start on the competition.

What do you think of the new formations? Which of them look the best to you? Leave your comments below or on the YouTube page.

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