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Madden NFL 18 To Support 4K Resolution On PS4 Pro at Launch After All

Madden 18 4K Support

Yesterday we reported that Madden 18 would not have 4K or HDR support at launch. As of now, this is not entirely true. GameSpot has confirmed with EA Sports that the game will support 4K and 1080p resolution on PS4 Pro with no update required.

4K Support For Madden 18

Below is EA’s official statement:

“Madden NFL 18 supports PS4 Pro at launch in both 4K and 1080p, with no update needed. If a gamer chooses to run Madden NFL 18 in 4K, they will see improved resolution, if they choose to run the game in 1080p, they will see improved framerate in certain areas of the presentation. Core gameplay will render at 60fps regardless. We have no announcements to make regarding HDR support at this time.”

This is certainly good news after yesterday’s confusion that left many gamers shaking their heads at what appeared to be a baffling decision by EA.

Unfortunately, for those of us who have HDR enabled TV’s, we won’t be able to use that feature for the foreseeable future.

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