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Madden NFL 19 Club Championship Finalists Revealed

Madden 19 Club

The Madden Club Championship is perhaps the most competitive and entertaining eSports tournament for EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise. This weekend, the remaining 21 teams finished their club finals at Millennial eSports Arena in Las Vegas. Some of the best names in Madden competed including Problem, Lil Man, Drini, Spoto, Joke, Blocky, Drag, Canes and more.

Unfortunately, none of the remaining 21 club finals were broadcast this weekend. All of them took place in Las Vegas, instead of at the corresponding team’s home stadium. EA Sports was apparently unwilling to front costs necessary to broadcast, leaving many Madden fans disappointed and rummaging through Twitter to find out the winners.

Madden 19 Club Championship Finalists Revealed

Below is a complete list of all of the club champions.

  • New England Patriots – JWall
  • New York Jets – DntCareAboutIce
  • Buffalo Bills – Quany
  • Miami Dolphins – Blocky
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Deliverance
  • Baltimore Ravens – iL0veG0d
  • Cincinnati Bengals – Crush
  • Cleveland Browns – Joke
  • Indianapolis Colts – Spoto
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Nickisbeast20
  • Houston Texans – Joe Rice
  • Tennessee Titans – Nakell Powell
  • Los Angeles Chargers – Alan Gibs
  • Kansas City Chiefs – WarDaddy
  • Oakland Raiders – Pavan
  • Denver Broncos – TurboJeff
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Figgy
  • New York Giants – Evil O
  • Dallas Cowboys – Drini
  • Washington Redskins – Gos
  • Green Bay Packers – Drag
  • Chicago Bears – Canes
  • Minnesota Vikings – Strafin
  • Detroit Lions – MckinleyStatus2
  • Atlanta Falcons – DaUndaratedKing
  • New Orleans Saints – Serious Moe
  • Carolina Panthers – Manu
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CleffTheGod
  • Seattle Seahawks – Young Kiv
  • Los Angeles Rams –
  • Arizona Cardinals – TDavis
  • San Francisco 49ers – FMB Monsta

Serious Moe officially made his return to a live event, winning the Saints club. Madden 16 belt winner, Serious Moe, is part of Top Madden, a Madden group founded by Problem. Gos (Redskins), Drag (Packers), Manu (Panthers), Raiders (Pavan), Blocky (Dolphins), Joke (Browns), Monsta (49ers) and Deliverance (Steelers) are all repeat club winners from last year.

Drini Gjoka won the Broncos club in Madden 18 as well as the Cowboys club this weekend. Here’s Drini outside the venue in Las Vegas, after winning his second club title over the past two years.

Problems for Problem

Problem Wright’s struggles in Madden 19 continue. He has yet to qualify for a live event, and his chances of making one are becoming slimmer with each missed opportunity. Playing in the Chargers club series, he made the final four to get to Las Vegas this weekend, but ultimately fell to Alan Gibs, 42-23. Problem gave his opponent proper respect after the game via Twitter.

The next tournament is the Madden Challenge. Preliminary leaderboard qualifying is already underway ending on February 22. Problem is currently in place to advance to the online tournament portion of the event, which will determine who qualifies for the live final in late March.

Each of the 32 club champions have already earned a minimum of $5,000 each. The overall Club Champion will take home $100,000. The round of 32 begins on January 30, live from Redwood City, California. That tournament will be broadcast on Twitch.

You can read more about the Madden 19 Club Championship here.

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