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Madden NFL 19 Cover Leaked?!

Madden NFL 19

Has the Madden NFL 19 cover leaked? Well, there’s a rumor floating around the web that this is going to be the cover for Madden NFL 19.

Via @Rossjames1998 on Twitter

We can’t verify that this is the actual cover, but if the rumor is correct then we have quite the interesting box art to put in our collection.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is placed front and center, happily smiling. For me, the strangest part of this cover is the background. The background is a Steeler yellow that fades into an orange and it’s something we haven’t seen much in Madden.

Compare it to the Madden NFL 18 cover:

Madden 18 Performance Lag

or the Madden NFL 17 cover:

Madden NFL 17 offers unique opportunity.


Every background has something behind it and it is usually football related. Whether this was done intentionally to grab the eye or these covers aren’t finished is anyone’s guess. If this is the Madden 19 cover, what do you think of it? Love it, hate it or indifferent?

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