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Madden NFL 19 Deep Dive – Real Player Motion and Gameplay


With the EA conference coming to an end, details on their upcoming titles are steady filing out. Via their official website, EA Sports has released new details regarding Madden NFL 19.

Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Changes

EA Sports notes the development changes to Madden 19 were made with two major concepts in mind:

  • Provide Player Control across the field
  • Create an Immersive NFL experience from start to finish

A big part of these changes was the addition of what EA Sports is calling the largest update to Madden’s animation system in history. Additionally, they are introducing the Real Player Motion technology featured in their UFC franchise. This means authentic player movement, better control responsiveness and player signature behaviors. The hope is that these will immerse players into the NFL each and every game.

Real Player Motion – Locomotion

Madden NFL 19’s RPM system will allow for sharper animations based on player button input. To be more specific, you can now make sharper cuts with the use of an Acceleration Burst or make a more rounded turn.

One-Cut will also be making its debut. One-Cut is a new ball carrier move that has you digging your foot in the ground to burst out of a controlled cut on a drastic direction change up the field.

This is just scratching the surface of the new changes. Defense will be benefiting from the Real Player Motion all the same. In addition, there are improvements to AI on defense and strafing moves.  Players will also find new tools for pushing the pile and improvements on using the juke system to Hit the Hole.

Be sure to check out the post in its entirety via their official website. You just may be surprised at what you’ll find including new User-Controlled celebrations.

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