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Madden NFL 19 Graphics Deep Dive

Madden 19

The news keeps coming as we approach the launch of Madden 19. After taking a look at Real Player Motion, game mechanics and additions to Franchise Mode, we take a look at some the pure visual upgrades.

Madden 19 Graphics Improvements

EA has taken the time to put more into the overall visual quality. In addition to richer skin tones, they made strides to work in more body scans. All of it has been in an effort to offer a more realistic experience.

Once again, Frostbite promises to bring the very best to this year’s Madden 19. Going into its second run in the engine, EA Sports says they’ve been able to “deliver more detailing around the skin and eyes, as well as player sweat.” Madden NFL 19 also introduces new player models. The developers didn’t just stop at player detail either.

This year will feature even bigger additions. These include the Elite and Legend teams with custom uniforms as well as the new uniforms teams will be sporting this year. That includes the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers. In response to the community demands, Madden 19 features a wide selection of facemasks, gloves, and cleats. Be sure to take a look at the official post on visual enhancements.

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