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Madden NFL 19 Presentation Details New Halftime Show

madden 19 presentation halftime

As the build up towards launch continues, EA Sports has released a ton of new details on presentation features in Madden NFL 19.

Several new additions were made that EA hopes will change the way you experience Madden. Here are all of the new presentation features.

First, stadiums have gotten a makeover in Madden 19. Specifically, the exteriors of each stadium are now far more developed and realistic, giving players a more authentic experience when loading into a game.

According to EA, the Bills, Bears, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Dolphins, Falcons, Patriots and Titans all received stadium upgrades this year, a part of a “multi-year project to expand our stadium exteriors.”

Next, new game preview and in-game graphics are completely overhauled in Madden NFL 19. Many of the new cutscenes and displays are now in 3D, bringing a new and dynamic feel to the game. This is a big step towards EA making the game more realistic and comparable to what people watch on Sundays. EA Sports said, “With this being real-time content, we’ll be able to modify the look with lighting or other visual effects for years to come.  It also opens the door for more complex visuals in the future, as we can be more dynamic with the content that is shown instead of having to rely on video content that is static and requires more assets to create variety.”

Lastly, the pregame and halftime show has been revamped. EA is calling this “pregame and halftime flows,” an idea intended to increase suspense and “set the stage” as you get ready to hit the virtual gridiron and keep you engaged between halves.

The halftime show will whip around a 3D map and touch on other games currently going on, a nice feature for connected franchise mode diehards. New statistical and highlight breakdowns are also featured in franchise games. For non-franchise games, an shortened version of the halftime flow is shown, which is ideal for online or competitive games.

You can read about all of the presentation features in Madden NFL 19 here.

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