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Madden NFL 19: Second “Quick Fix” Patch Released, Notes Included


Today, EA Sports’ released a second quick fix patch as a follow-up to the February title update for Madden NFL 19. The Madden Challenge begins this weekend, and a major bug in the game has finally been removed, just in time. Here is a full breakdown of today’s patch.

Madden 19 Quick Fix Title Update

Today’s patch is minor in size, but could provide major benefits for online play. Per EA, below are the patch notes.

“Hey Madden Community,

The following updates are in today’s Title Update:

  • Addressed an issue related to players falling forward after a tackle
  • Improved logging related to connectivity issues

Thank you again for your patience and continued feedback.

The Madden Team”

Earlier this month, EA released a quick fix to help cut down on online desyncs. While that patch certainly helped, desyncs are still an issue and cannot be ruled out for this weekend’s Madden Challenge. Regardless, the falling forward bug plagued the game for weeks, as players of any position, rating or size were falling forward regardless of momentum. This bug was occurring nearly every play, approximately at a 75% or greater clip.

Below is an example of the bug pre-patch. A kicker recovers a blocked extra point, and falls forward 16 yards before finally being gang tackled by two defenders.

Thankfully, EA got this patched in time for the Madden Challenge. The casual viewing public will not have to witness a baffling bug in a game that is handing out major cash prizes in esports tournaments.

You can read the full details for today’s title update here.

What do you think of today’s Madden NFL 19 patch? Is the game playable now that the falling forward bug has been removed? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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